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    Name: Hagabao
    Location: Massachusetts in the US of A
    Age: 80 (give or take 59 years)
    Classes: Soldier/Pyro/Spy, Soldier preferred.

    Played Soldier for FFN/f^2 since I founded it with Rawrspoon in summer of 2011. Season 8 wasn't good for us, roster issues got to the point where we were worrying about who was going to play what rather than how to actually play. We decided that pulling the plug was better than barely keeping it together.

    UGC HL Season 4 Steel w/ FFN
    UGC HL Season 5 Silver w/ FFN
    UGC HL Season 6 Platinum w/ FFN
    UGC HL lolsummer w/ FFN
    UGC HL Season 8 Platinum w/ FFN (until now)

    So yeah. Looking for a Plat/Silver/Steel team. Prefer starter, but we're halfway through the season so I'm OK with backup.

    EDIT: Fixed Steam URL
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    massachusetts/south carolina


    Hey im from massachusetts too. I like it.

    i'd like to note i originally typed that all in capslock but it wouldn't post it like that


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    All the cool kids are from massachusetts

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    haggys amazing. really good soldier, pyro, and scout, and comes equipped with purty hats for each of them. super nice guy too. would be an excellent pickup. +++++rep

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    jk, although we really wouldn't mind if you did

    In all seriousness, Hagabao is a great mentor who's got his strats down and has nofear. Very nice personality, 10/10 would shoot feet again

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    Hag is a great guy known him for quite awhile. Able to play alot of classes well and would be an asset to any team.

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    Considering a bushel of offers, I'll probably just focus on 6's and ring+mentor all over the place for HL.

    (I don't know how to close a thread plshelp)


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