Name: Houston
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Age: 18 soon
Vital steam links: ; ;
Discord: Mewi#7722

Casual TF2 medic that frequents pubs for fun, been playing since 2013 but didn't become "good" till 2016. I started maining medic in early 2018. I try my best to heal everyone when possible, keeping an uber from dropping is more vital than timing a perfect uber push to me. Decent aim with Crossbow, I know how to surf off knockback and explosions. I've watched every medic tutorial there is and put them into practice until I perfected them. All around I usually top score by the end of a match, so long as I didn't join into it late. Got 1st place in Steel for Season 25. If you need a sub medic or just a medic in general who knows what they're doing, I'm your guy. Feel free to shoot a message, just remember I do thoroughly check profiles when you add me, I've been getting a lot of scammers adding me, so if I do unadd you, please comment on my profile so I know your legit.

Thanks for reading.