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Thread: LFP Demo, Engie, Pyro starters; subs any class

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    Default LFP Demo, Engie, Pyro starters; subs any class

    My name is OCR or Ocular and I need players. I have like 3.5k hours and I have an intense love of highlander. I just want to play with a team that communicates well etc. Please message me on
    Discord: OCR#3497
    or on steam:

    Would love to play a season or more.

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    Hey, I have over 3.4K hours on tf2 and almost 500 on pyro.
    I'm a team player who loves learning new things and working with others.
    I think I would be a great addition to the team.
    If you decide to talk to me you can reach me at

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    I would like to be a demo/engi, I have 592 hours in tf2

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