I can't edit my old thread so made a new one.

I like to play Spy and I like playing TF2.

I've been playing for a long time normally on not so great teams but I think I've proved myself to be a competent player more than a few times. Ideally i'd like to play on a team with people I know but i'd be open to new teams if it felt right.

It's true I don't mind playing on a team that isn't doing so well but I do like to win so I like playing for teams that are actually trying in the matches.

It should go without saying but no cancerous teams please.

Schedule wise, I make my own schedule but I am also an adult with some social obligations so it's not likely I will do 4 scrims a week or both weekend days. I know the game well enough on my class to be on point at match time but I will try to make the majority of scrims as well.