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    Looking to main or sub sniper in high silver/low plat. I would also consider playing heavy in silver too.
    Clear mic, discord, mumble, etc. I also have serveme premium and am happy to rent servers for anything the team needs.

    S22 - Unforeseen Disaster - Steel - main sniper
    S23 - Ninety Nine - Steel - roster ride/sub
    S24 - Zimbabwe esports - Silver - main sniper, 4th place
    s25 - Raze The World - Silver - main sniper, currently 8-1


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    Literally better than any sniper in silver.

    He actually owns. Pick him up

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    Amazing player in general, give this man a tryout!

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    do not get fooled by his low amount of seasons, locke is a good team player and is definitely a strong addition to a silver or plat roster
    have a nice day...!


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