My name is Spencer but everyone just calls me "Rainbow" or "Doc" online. I've played TF2 off and on for a few years now and I wanted to give competitive a go. I mostly play pyro or spy in pubs but I usually play medic when I'm playing with a group mostly cause no one else wants to. I'm open to play any or all classes in highlander and even others if you'd like me to overall I just want to give this a go. I've no experience with competitive so my thoughts about roles and the meta game are completely noob like so I'll have to be taught a bit unfortunately. I play NA East but my internet is good enough to connect to west coast servers with fine ping. I'm 18 and will be in school in the fall however the program I'm in allows me a lot of free time so I will have time to scrim. I'm a musician and huge nerd and I love talking about common interests and generally think I'm pretty friendly and nice so even if you don't want me for your team lets be friends c: Overall I may be new to competitive tf2 but I have alright game sense and have played on competitive teams before in other games so I know how this sort of thing works to a degree. I have a mic as well as discord, mumble and teamspeak. You can add me on discord Rainbow#4896 and on steam here https://steamcommunity.com/id/DrRainbowPants