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Thread: Sexy Spy Main Recruitment

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    Hey There! Do you think you have what it takes to play spy? Do you also think you are very very sexy? You might be the right person to fill a vacancy we have here at Sexy Spy Mains! Recently is has come to our attention that Dongus was not as qualified as we'd hoped for the work here at Sexy Spy Mains, so we're looking for someone who may fit the qualifications more. Anyone who is interested will have to interview with our Five Spy Administrators to see if you'll be a good fit.

    Questions we may ask would include:

    • How much anime do you watch on a daily basis? What is your favorite anime?
    • How many hours in the past two weeks do you have? Do you think you could increase your hours under stressful conditions?
    • Are you a very sexy individual? Describe in vivid detail why you believe you are sexy.
    • If you were to rate spy from 1-9, 1 being the strongest and 9 being the weakest class, how would you rate him?

    Remember when you're answering these questions, it's best to just be yourself! If you're a good fit then we will know immediately.
    We offer a stellar compensation and benefits package which include 3 weeks vacation renewable on your anniversary date, a fantastic 401k plan which we will match 1 to 1 up to 6%!
    We offer dental, health, and tf2 backpack insurance for all the risks you may incur throughout your lifetime. We have a very team oriented culture here at Sexy Spy Mains and hope you
    too will contribute to this beautiful organization!

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    Thanks to Jacob for putting this recruitment thread together. It deeply saddened me to see one of our own turn against us. Nevertheless best of luck to all candidates out there! (Try not showering for extra considering!)

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    can i join i have pretty large balls

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    The only spy main I like is Cooldog

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    i just got accepted to this clan

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    cool . glad im in this epic gang

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    can i join i also have pretty large balls

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    I'm not a spy main, but I'm pretty damn sexy. Am I still eligible to apply? Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from your group soon.

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