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Thread: Looking for players for a new highlander team

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    Default Looking for players for a new highlander team

    Team Name: Tryhard House
    Skill level: 900-1200hours
    Region:South-East Asia
    Leader Contact(s):
    Swish -

    And we're looking for people who are available during Friday Nights and Weekends

    Edit: Not accepting members anymore. Team recently died out
    Last edited by Swish; October 24th, 2018 at 08:43 AM.

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    Can i join your team? this is my first time of competitive.
    My name is ♠Logo♠ and im from Indonesia
    Main: Sniper=316.8 hrs
    I can play Demo=142.3 hrs
    Soldier=217.6 hrs
    Spy=220.7 hrs
    Scout=153.5 hrs

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    hey! i'm a medic main and i'd like to join your team
    i'm new to the comp scene too, but i've got about a 1000 hours in tf2
    i've sent you a friend request

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    HI! im a demoman and i got 1000 hours on tf2 and im new to comp so can i join?

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    I have played a total of 310 hours of TF2 and have played Prolander PUGs before. I am familiar with the competitive scene but I am not good at analyzing map strategies. I am a demomain and am good at it since 250 hours of my playtime is demoman. I would like to support the team as an effective demoman and work together as a team and win competitive matches. Please accept me!


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