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Thread: Looking for players for highlander team :ASIA ONLY: {RECRUITING}

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    Default Looking for players for highlander team :ASIA ONLY: {RECRUITING}

    i'm looking for players who are good and think they can play competitively can join our team.

    all slots exept spy and engi are open

    u've to add me for joining this team

    my steam url:

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    Hey, I would like to join your team. I can play scout, soldier, or demo, with 107 hours, 60 hours, and 47 hours respectively. Wouldn't consider myself good, but you can decide otherwise. 1300+ hours in tf2.

    Steam profile:
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    Hi my name is WorstSniper or PeanutButterNJelly I would like to join your highlander team! I've played tf2 for nearly 600 hours and I am a medic main. I do not have much experience with the whole competitive scene but i think Highlander is a good place to start off so contact me through steam by adding me through the link down below have a nice day!

    My steam URL:

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    Hey man i can play either demo or med i have 1200 hours on tf2 i would like to play on your team if you want just add me and tell me if i'm in Thanks

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    Hey, I would like to join your team please

    Main Class: Medic
    Total Played Time: 2094 hours
    Secondary Class: Pyro(Pybro)
    My unique skills: I am very sensitive when someone call MEDIC! I also like to help fellow engies too.

    I hope you will see this reply and I am ready to join your group.
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    Hey, I can be ur solly main. Have around 60 hrs with him online and more offline practicing
    Total altogether hours played : 450
    Secondary Class : Anything else except sniper
    Unique Skill : "Justice Rains from above"
    Link :

    I will be glad to join ur team

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    Hi there, i'd like to join your team. i can play demo, medic or scout. Im not that experienced in comp but I guess you can say that im fairly experienced in tf2 but you be the judge of that (403 hours)

    My steam profile:

    I hope that i can be a member of this team

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    Total Hours: 1300+
    Main Class: Spy
    Secondary Classes: Scout, Medic
    Communications: Discord, Skype, Mumble

    I will love to serve your team

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    Im a medic main looking to join a team. Fairly good at my job. run stock medi gun, crossbow and ubersaw


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