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Thread: Recruiting Medic, Heavy, Demoman and Subs for our team

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    Exclamation Recruiting Medic, Heavy, Demoman and Subs for our team


    We are competing for this season's UGC games

    We only need a heavy, demoman, and SCOUT to complete our starting roster.

    We don't really look for much in a player just enough knowledge about the game and the competitive scene. Someone who uses comms and someone who gets along really well with other people.

    What we look in a medic especially is someone who can lead a team and know when to do things in specific situations, someone who is really used to the game.

    A medic with at least 60-80 hrs. in his/her playing time. Same goes for Heavy and Demoman. We are not confident about winning this season but I hope the roster we would make will maintain and hope to compete for seasons to come.

    We also need subs for all 9 classes because some of us have other things to do on other days so if we have subs we wouldn't be worried about our games because we know that someone is going to sub for us. At least 60-80 hrs. of playing time on your chosen class will do.

    If possible we need people who live/near in the Philippines.

    Conatact our members or our group if you decide on joining us.

    Have a nice day
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    FOR MORE INFO(Contact us if you want to join)
    Group Page:

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    Default Recruiting scout as well

    Seems there is a problem with our roster at such short notice, we are not sure who are main scout is.

    If you would like to apply for the main SCOUT spot please contact us and we will see.


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