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Thread: Pyr0 Ax3 - Pyro - Iron - Steel - Silver

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    Default Pyr0 Ax3 - Pyro - Iron - Steel - Silver

    Name: Pyr0 Ax3
    Location (approximate): IOWA (CST)
    Age (approximate): 39
    Classes Preferred: I main Pyro but can manage other classes. I play Soldier and Demo secondary. I am a decent Medic. I can play some engineer. I never play Scout, Sniper, or Spy. I am looking for a starter role but would consider backup. I have backup competitive experience but really looking to get on a team as a stater. I work the typical 8 am -5 pm but am available most evenings and weekends. I have been playing TF2 for about a year and have a good idea on how to help the team. I use Mumble for comms and am looking to get on a good team for season 8.

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    I'd like you on our team, Ive added you.

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    Please take a look at this post: and see what you think. If you feel up to the job, feel free to add me. Cheers!


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