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    For the basics of how to play KOTH, check out the Strategy guide for KOTH Basics

    RamJam is a very new map that is fairly untested in matches. I wanted to put this out to help out teams that are struggling with how to wrap their head around how the map can play out for your team. This guide is built for S14's version b8b. But future versions will only be tweaks of this version I imagine.

    Baiting the point: This is one of the few maps where you can use the point to draw the other team into a fight. It caps incredibly slow. That will allow your team to take their time on defending. Put out some damage without taking any. The damage output alone could make the other team fall back and regroup. Its a very long way from their doors to mid and the point. Hit them early and then fall back a little. Let them come up the two paths that choke at mid and repush into them. Just as it is with Lakeside, they have to come up a hill to attack. Utilize the height advantage if possible. DO NOT hide behind the house on your side where the ammo is. That is the same as hiding at palm tree on lakeside. When you do this, you give up the height advantage, as well as mid fights. Hang out in the Jams as best you can to keep the aggression on.

    Area Names
    Jam - Kitchen area, house, that resides on either side of the point. Has Jam in a sink!
    Gas - Gas tank that is on top of ramp right outside of Jam
    A/C- Upper area that leads from spawn area to Jam house.
    China - Sniper deck platform in between the A/C and above Shutter
    Ramp - Lower entry to mid next to drop down that leads up to Jam.
    Shutter - The middle route to point, below China.

    2 key points for all maps in HL: If you die to a spy/sniper, call where he is so no one else is an easy target.

    Class Roles:
    Scout - The map is incredibly wide. Utilize the Jams to your advantage. If you have to go through the middle, expect a little bit of damage to come out on you. Go through their A/C to flank out of China if they are always hanging out at their Gas. If your combo pushes in from one side, try and go in through the opposite side to clean up some kills with your Soldier. The mid is very small and fights seem to go very quickly. Stay alive as best you can through the initial fight of the Combo. Once this is over, go in for the clean up of high priority classes. Highest priority is probably Demo. He can control mid.

    Sniper - Unlike Viaduct and Lakeside, Sniper does not have as many great sitelines to cut off the enemy. China is probably off your list. Expect a majority of your enemies to place their Sniper on Gas or A/C. If their team is holding your Jam, consider charging up a full shot and then peaking out China for a clean shot. Jarate can make or break this map as well. The mid is small so it should spread fairly well. Make sure you are aiming precisely or it could hit any number of trash in that area.

    Soldier - Timing is everything for this class. You will most likely want to pair up with your Scout/Engy on this crusade. Clean up after each other and control the opposite side of the map that your team is on. Time your jumps so that you contribute to fights and can put out damage to help your team get kills. If you see stragglers, go for them! But be mindful that Scouts will be running around a lot and will pop out of corners at the last second. This is an extremely fast map, play it smart and you can survive. Know where all the health packs are. Utilize the roof at mid on both sides to line up spam and watch all the doors.

    Demo - You control this map. Such a small little area. You will most likely be a hard pocket since you can do so much damage. The mid is segmented in 4 parts: Red Jam, Gas/path to shutter, Tree/path to shutter, Blue Jam. If you are already in this zone you can push them out of a path or a Jam and dominate. Pair this with the Hwguy's damage and you can clean up. Make sure you and your Hwguy arent both taking too much damage at once. One should always be back. So if you start to take a lot, back it off and call for Hwguy to cover.

    Medic - Constant vigilance. Be in positions you can keep your back to a cliff or a wall as best you can if you hold mid. The numerous corners and ramps will allow a Spy to uncloak and come out with no notice. Keep your Combo close and watching for Spy/Scout flanks/Soldier Jumps. The rest you should be able to counter with good communication. Kritz is probably going to be fairly difficult (same as on coldfront) because of all the walls, trash, and houses that can block your path. If you decide to use it, it may need to come as a surprise to take a round late.
    Kritz scenario: Both teams fight at mid. Your team wins, but both you and the enemy team die. This is your chance to take on Kritz while your team has the cap advantage. Otherwise the doors from your base to mid are so far away from mid that you have a very small chance of popping it and getting a lot done. It COULD work pushing out if they are holding your Gas, but otherwise they should be quick enough to back out.

    Hwguy - Be a few steps behind your Demo/Medic when they are pushing out. Use the opposite sides of walls that they are on to put out some extra damage to push the other team back. Try not to take a lot of damage. Medic's tend to fall back to Hwguys, so you'll get a lot of heals just by default. But try and give your Medic the luxury of not having to heal two people at once. I say this, but understand most Medics will pocket the Hwguy regardless (out of panic). So take it in to your own hands and just be there to support. This is very difficult at times but can work with teamwork and communication. Be ready to jump up front if the Demo is taking too much.

    Pyro - I believe Spy will go huge on this map without the proper Spy checking. This is not only your job of course. But it tends to be easier for Pyro/Hwguy. Luckily both are usually near the Medic. If your Med calls that you're good to roam, go play with the flank and help them keep their area secure. But if you're pushing out to try and take the point back, you really should be with the combo to block projectiles and waste ubers.

    Spy - As I stated in the video. Spy can really use a number of strategies on this map. C&D will allow your team to know where the other team is coming from and you come in behind for kills. DR will be more aggressive and allow you to stay on their side of the map to harass and distract their team. IW is the all around watch that you will combine with gun/knife to get the job done. Whoever is doing the most damage to your team (be it by kills or just making them stress) is who you should attempt to focus. It will be fairly difficult at times, but use your team as a distraction. Let them push in and then go for kills. Going for a kill while nothing else is going will likely result in one of them dead as well as yourself. Then they will spawn before your team can do much about it. So always plan with your team. You can be a great pressure on their team with patience.

    Engy - Mini sentry and strong dispenser spots will help your team. If you hold mid, put guns in spots that can watch multiple doors (like Gas or in between China and A/C). Support the team and try not to chase too far. If you can get a teleporter up right next to China, then your team can get out to mid much quicker and maintain a hold. Put it too far out and their Soldier or Scout may be able to get to it a little too easily. Find the balance and do your best to cover.
    Three group mentalities:
    1) Flank- Scout/Engy/Soldier - Go in on the sides and try to hold areas that your Combo may not be able to see. Communicate what you see so they can react quickly.
    2) Combo - Medic/Hwguy/Demo/Pyro - Focus on holding the current point and making pushes to hold their team back. Can include Pyro as well during push time, but sometimes he can go to Flank.
    3) Floater - Sniper& Spy - Sniper is kind of in a world of his own on this map. He needs to just position himself where he can do the most damage to the other team. He can usually stay far enough away that he wont get tagged, but really needs to focus more on high priority shots. Spy is similar in that he has no set duty other than causing distractions and killing whoever he can.
    Push and Hold
    Pushing Mid
    : Try and get your Spy outside first to tell you where the combo is. You need to hold uber as long as you can before popping. They are at an extreme advantage with how far you have to travel, as well as how slow the point caps. Make sure you wipe enough of them at mid that they will have no way of re-pushing. If they escape with Medic/Demo and are near uber, then some need to continue to chase, or block them off from re-pushing until your team can cap the point. Stack it with everyone that lived at this point. Pushing is very difficult vs a coordinated team. Once you own it, get setup quickly into your hold positions.

    Holding Mid
    : Split your team up over each Jam. Here is one possible way:
    Eng/Soldier/Scout - This group can hold THEIR Jam/Gas. Setup Mini right next to the Gas so that it watches Shutter/China/Drop down/Ramp door. Keep your eyes open for Spy to come from Jam to get easy kills. Soldier/Scout can also hang out on the mid Roof or China.
    Medic/Hwguy/Demo/Pyro - Medic stands on the shelves in Jam. He will rely on comms as to if they are coming or not and when to pop. He will be safe from all damage at this point and can overheal anyone in the room. Hwguy and Demo watch out to mid and ramp behind to spycheck. Once the enemy pushes out, they rotate to confront them with the Pyro as well.
    Sniper/Pyro - Hold their A/C and watch across the map. Pyro can help Spy check and reflect projectiles off of the Sniper. Back out when you see them coming.
    Spy - Sits in their base in the area that leads to drop down/Ramp/Shutter and calls when they are coming. Follows in for kills.

    Find holds that suits your teams strong points. If you want to hold on your gas instead of in the Jam, by all means. Do what is more comfortable. Just be prepared to take the fight to them once they start pushing out. Spam will stop them in their tracks.

    For a more in depth analysis, check out the Heinsight featuring bfl'Satan (Cameraman/Host NinjaMooCow)

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