• Heinsight Strategy - CP_Snakewater

    For the basics of how to play 5cp, check out the Strategy guide for 5cp basics

    Now that you have the basics under your belt, we'll apply all of that directly to cp_snakewater in a more descriptive way. So we will just focus on the team, and sometimes break it into more individual tips.

    Area names
    Mid - Middle CP at the center of the map.
    Saw (house) - The building with lumber/saw between mid and CP2
    Catwalk - Path from Saw to Mid's Roof.
    Kitchen - The door next to mid with the Sink.
    Window - The window that overlooks CP2 from Saw.
    Perch/flank/China/whatever - Let your team name this something short and sweet. The door/window at CP2 that has the health/ammo. You have to jump on a rail and crate to get through it from the outside. From inside its a ramp.
    Under - Underneath CP2 to last.
    Shutter - Last point door that shuts open/closed. The only shutter door on the map. Opposite side to Truck.
    Truck - The side of last that has the dump truck, opposite Shutter.

    Key points:
    1) If a Medic is hit hard, jump him and sacrifice for it if he's low enough and its just after the call.
    2) Mark out their top players for Scout/Spy/Sniper to focus on. This is very easy and can alleviate some of the tension on Medic (since those are the only 3 classes he should be dying to if he plays smart).

    Class Roles Mid fight, CP 2, Last

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    **Team Plays: A lot of these pushes and holds are very similar to gullywash and process, I'll be retaining some of them since its the same concepts.**


    Team Offense

    Mid fight- Push as a unit. If everyone is following their roles this should come down to basic killing. If you are even on deathmatch, then your positioning will put you ahead. If you are weaker, then your positioning will hopefully make it even. Medic should work out a plan with the Hwguy to take a Kitchen side and make a little bit of a split push. Pocket the Demo until he is comfortable on mid, then switch over to the Hwguy and keep him as your main unit to push with. if your Hwguy is comfortable roaming and also knows how far he can go, he can go on his own and Medic can focus on Pyro/Demo. Sniper/Eng/Soldier/Scout/Spy have their roles and will follow them without much pushing from the Combo.

    CP 2 - Similar push can be done on CP 2 as you did on mid. With everyone knowing their role its up to the Medic or caller to coordinate who is going to be the Pocket for any given push. Pyro/Hwguy/Demo are all viable. Scout can also be viable if you know their Medic is close at hand and your Scout can force it. Nothing special here that you havent seen in other 5CP's. Push as a team.

    Last - Just like on other 5cp with long last's and small choke doors, this will be difficult unless you split up the push. Best practice is to have the combo push from one side, and the Soldier/Scout from another door to pull distraction. Once all those are in the Engy/Sniper/Spy can move in and go for kills while no one is watching. Kritz is viable. Push from Truck side after a distraction play is made on the shutter side. Make it clear to your Demo where their medic is or at least the bulk of the team. Knock out their Sniper before you push in if at all possible. Then fan out away from the Demo and put out damage. Spy coming in at this time is also very strong focusing Demo/Hwguy/Medic, Sniper coming from Under/Shutter flank door will strengthen the push.

    **Treat last push as you would with cp_gullywash and you will have success. If you werent that strong pushing gwash, well here is your chance to practice the same style.**

    Team Defense

    CP 2 - There really is no defense of Mid, so if you see yourself losing the Mid fight, go ahead and back out instead of wiping. You can always repush! This is a big deal that a lot of teams are having issues coordinating (and probably always will to be honest). If you lose key parts to the push (Medic/Hwguy/Demo/Pyro) you may want to consider backing out. Play the odds out quickly in your head. Lose Demo/Hwguy, probably want to fall back unless you've taken out a majority of their team, or key parts to their combo.
    Best setup seems to be to have:
    Scout: Watching Under and on the point.
    Sniper: Up top behind the point or on the cart next to point.
    Soldier: On pipe or Perch
    Demo: Floating between Saw and opening of the wall next to point.
    Medic: On the cart ready to rotate around.
    Hwguy: With Medic on cart or on point. Ready to rotate around.
    Pyro: Floating around Saw and Spy checking. No set spot here.
    Spy: Out in Saw or CP2 area giving comms.
    Eng: Setting up in numerous places. Lots of good options on cart or behind point, or on the small building next to point.

    Rotate as a team, hit them as soon as they crest corner of Saw, or if they push kitchen side be ready to stop them.

    Last - Same setup as CP2. Exchange Saw/Kitchen and Window for Shutter/Under/Truck. This wide open space is closer to CP2 like holds than it is last. Large area with high ceilings can allow for jumps and hiding spots. Be mindful. Here are similar holds to CP2, but just changing the words around to match easier.
    Scout: Watching Under and on the point.
    Sniper: On point or above point watching Under/Truck, or at Truck side for the early Comms with Spy
    Soldier: On house Truck side, or crate next to Shutter (team needs to know so someone can go support/watch Truck.
    Demo: Floating between Shutter, Point, and Truck. Listen for calls from low and lob some down there.
    Medic: Rotating around near point. Ready to block or push out.
    Hwguy: With Medic on point. Ready to rotate around.
    Pyro: Floating around Spy checking and ready to push ubers away.
    Spy: Out in CP2 area giving comms.
    Eng: Setting up in numerous places. Lots of good options on cart or behind point, or on the small building next to point.

    For a more in depth analysis, check out the Heinsight hosted by Getawhale

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