• Heinsight Strategy - KOTH_Ashville

    For the basics of how to play KOTH, check out the Strategy guide for KOTH Basics

    Key things to look out for on Ashville
    1) When controlling mid, watch through the floor (on the cap point) as well as left and right, they could have sneaked underneath and attempt a flank.
    2) Hiding behind the house on ramp side is not safe, do not be lulled into a false sense of security medics.
    3) Pushing to their side isn't a bad idea, but keep a few people even more forward to make sure there are no Kritz surprises to wipe you.
    4) Try your best to not hang back in your base, all that free ground is hard to take back even with an uber. Better to hold mid or slightly on their side and then fall back when need be

    2 key points for all maps in HL: If you die to a spy/sniper, call where he is so no one else is an easy target.

    Ramp - The side of the map with the ramp (behind the hut that leads underneath).
    Upper - The side of the map that is elevated.
    Slider / Door - Whatever you want to call the door in the middle that opens
    Underneath - The area underneath the point.
    Roof / House - The building that is in between their upper and your ramp (or vice versa) that leads to underneath).
    *Make sure you start all of these with "our (location)" or "their (location)". This will avoid confusion when left/right won't work.*
    Class Roles
    Scout - When holding mid, focus on their Upper area and call if they push from that area. Very important! You can also watch the middle hall at the same time and report back. If you see them pushing down the far right hall (and they dont see you), call it out and wait til they push past to flank in behind them. So basically one person can possibly call for all three ways in. If you dont hold mid, utilize the underneath area to flank in behind them and be annoying. Bonk past and go for picks on their Upper area on classes you know you can kill (Engy and Sniper mainly. Any kills will help, but also the distraction alone will be very helpful. Also utilize the roof area overlooking ramp and Upper (since it looks both ways) and use this as a quick escape, or a quick attack on someone that's been called out. Do this in tandem with the Soldier for great amounts of damage. Also steal their healthpacks!!
    Focus: Comms and going for flank kills

    Sniper - Kill everything that you see. Not too complicated (per normal). Standing at Upper pointing towards their Upper can be strong. Then move over on the little walkway to watch their Ramp side a little easier and throw jarate. You can also snipe from your Ramp and shoot at their Ramp. This is very strong when they are hanging out behind the roof. Some Snipers have had luck full scoping at the slider door and opening it for quick picks. Huntsman can be used to great use for surprise headshots.
    Focus: Sniper, Medic, Demo

    Soldier - Utilize the roof and try and maintain dominance over theirs or yours. Depending where they want to stand. If their team wants to hold their Upper, try and control that one. Black box is a great weapon for this map so you can stay away from your combo. There are very few healthpacks so steal as many as you can on their side. Soldier diving from upper onto their Ramp is why the hold on Ramp is not safe at all. So much damage can be put out in such a little time that it can force a drop or a pop of a Medic. The same can be done if they hold Upper if done quickly enough. Just be a surprise and nuisance. The middle hall gives you fairly quick access to get up to your Upper or middle door to RJ out.
    Focus: Distract, Force ubers/drops, Flank, Sniper

    Demo - Damage output is the name of the game when holding mid and pushing. If there is nothing going on, set traps on the door that they usually come out of to possibly get the first to come out (their Demo if you're lucky). Demo should be the one taking the ubers and kritz to maximize its efficiency. Focus fire their Demo and Hwguy as fast as possible and their push or hold should fall very quickly.
    Focus: Hwguy, Demo, Area control

    Medic - Maintain good positioning as best as you can. Actually holding on your Ramp is a terrible and unsafe idea. I've said this for a few seasons now and Medic's continue to drop and die here. There is no real safe place without comms from your team. If you can have people on their Upper and their Ramp, then you should be ok holding at mid, otherwise hold back inside. Let others be your eyes on mid when you are trying to push out. Scout/Spy/Soldier are great at this. You never want to drop an uber if possible. Utilize them and then coordinate pushes as a team.
    Focus: Not dying to Spy/Sniper, Flank Scout/Soldier, Popping at good times, Using the proper heal gun for situations, Spy Check!

    Hwguy - Stay with your Medic and watch around you. Try and not get too aggressive unless your Demo is also there fighting with you. Talk out with your team who the main focus is going to be on. Then you'll use your best judgement to kill some that are closer to you before the focus if they are far away. Scout/Spy/Pyro are always key choices to help protect your team as well as not drop/waste uber. Positioning is everything. Try not to spin up unless you have someone to shoot at. You can quickly get backstabbed or headshot from numerous angles on this map.
    Focus: Spy, Demo, Pyro, Scout, Hwguy, Spy Check!

    Pyro - Pyro can either be on the flank or part of the combo/cluster. If you own mid then its just a matter of listening to comms. When the enemy is ready to push out, try and be with your Medic. Nothing is worse than the other team popping an equal uber and your Pyro being dead because he went for a kill. Play it smart and be patient.
    Focus: Stay alive and dont go for easy picks, Airblast Ubers, Spy check!

    Spy - Give comms to your team in a similar fashion to how Scout does. This is a fairly good Spy map with lots of ins and outs of areas for Dead Ringer or hang out in an area with the C&D. If the other team is spy checking a lot and making it hard to get kills, then go for the timed kills and give comms. C&D an area, wait, call uber/kritz %, and as they push in, go in for the kills as your team will be distracting for you. Easier said than done, but learn the timing and go in from different areas. Pick off Sniper/Engy with gun and knife at every chance you get.
    Focus: Sniper, Engy, Hwguy, Medic, Demo, Sentry Guns

    Engy - Get a good tele up that isnt on the front lines but not too far away. The room behind the ramp is a great one. Just place it where when they come out that their backs are against the wall. No free chain stabs. Dispenser in this area is also very helpful. A little more fun and aggressive is to put it on the ramp or near the ground so your team can stay replenished and in the fights. This will get destroyed more often, but can win battles. With the Dispenser there, you can also jump onto the roof and build mini sentries to block. Level 3's are a bit risky and seem to only work when placed behind the slider door. This is something to toy around with but watch out for Spies and Soldiers taking it out if thats the case. Mini sentries seem much simpler. Hide them near boxes or in the grass at mid for easy hiding. As your team is pushing out, go out Upper and drop it on the catwalk. This will allow you to get some damage out and also force them to look around for it and destroy it. Wrangling works from here as well to shoot the Sniper on the other side of the map. Be quick and be ready to use the shotgun. You can wrack up an incredible amount of kills with Shotgun alone. Don't get too greedy though. But with support of the Scout/Soldier, you can all three hold their Upper area and then rotate away if they push from up there.
    Focus: Get up buildings in smart spots, Spy Check, Shotgun easy kills

    Three group mentalities
    1) Flankers - Scout/Spy/Soldier - Focus on getting the CP and flanking/floating ahead.
    2) Cluster- Medic/Hwguy/Demo/Pyro - Focus on holding the current point and keeping the Medic alive for uber/kritz. With everyone in this group spy checking except Demo (they normally dont), then the 4 of you should be very hard to kill. Try and always have at least one person turned around every few seconds.
    3) Defenders - Sniper & Engy - Make sure any flanks are called out.

    Flankers - Make sure the point is capped!!! Mainly the Scout needs to focus on always touching it if he can safely (dont die for a second of standing unless its cappable). Once thats done just constantly work around them and keep their focus on you and not the point. Proro floats around/near the Cluster but not too close unless the Spy is ripping up the Medic.

    Cluster- Hold an area until the push is ready and do what you can to tear them up. Back out to safety until the next push is ready.

    Defenders - Dont let the enemy behind your lines and keep a perimeter so scout/spy will have a hard time flanking. Work together as a team and it should make your lives both easier to stay alive. Sniper will be on his own much more often than the Engy. So if Sniper is getting picked off a lot, stay with him or see if anyone else can cover.

    Team Pushing
    Mid-Push: Demo jumps out on the right door up to the Uper area (grab the big health up top and maybe jump or at least spam over their roof. This will hopefully slow them from their push from this way. Their Sniper will be sniping from their Upper area (most likely off the start) so watch your heads. Kritz work pretty easily and efficiently for this mid. One option is to bait a push. Let them think you have pulled back, but once there is more than 3x on the point, go out Slider and Kritz. Listen for a call to make sure its not piped. Or have a scout bonk through it first. But this should wipe the team. Any open door should work for this Kritz so just be random. Soldier and Demo on the roof as much as possible. If they are up there the Medic can stand outside, but just to be safe keep the Hwguy there and looking up if anything is called. Teams just need to make sure the other team doesnt jump over and spam in.
    If you lose mid, you need to push back in smartly and keep numbers up. This middle is rather small so watch out for spam (unlike any other KOTh we've played). Do not bleed in and die over and over. This is what they want. So push as a unit.

    Mid-Hold Safe: Maintain the upper area and underneath. Any other push they try will take time and you will know they are coming. If your Soldier is on their Upper or on that side of the map, try and get your Demo on their roof so he can spam their Ramp with more vision and just jump back if needed. Or he can quickly call for the Kritz to pop. If they kritz, Med can go down underneath and wait to come back out and pop, or pull back that narrow hall if he has time.

    Mid-Hold Bold: The other very strong position is to hold their ramp room. With the glass and doors being where it is, you can see them coming from the two inner ways and anyone going Upper (not the alley though so keep Soldier/Scout watching more forward). The biggest things to watch for will be the Sniper down near their respawn just peaking past the wall and Spy/Scout coming from mid. Sniper can float wherever he wants and snipe the middle hall if he wants. The best cluster in the Ramp room would be Hwguy/Medic/Demo/Pyro. If they pop kritz from real far back we can fall back and waste theirs. Engy can drop a mini in either middle hall or Upper. That's a team discussion. A really strong asset for this kind of hold is the Spy C&D at their spawn area. This will allow him to call out where they are pushing out of. Soldier can go ahead and spam if they push Upper. Sniper can zoom in, Demo can spam, etc. It just allows you to be ready. If they pop kritz from way back, then you can hopefully get out fast enough and then pop your own to counter. Just try not to die on this hold.

    There are many variations of these holds and pushes. Find the one that fits your team the best and practice! We had a heinsight with Noko, but the file corrupted on Moose's computer so another one may be made soon.