• Heinsight Strategy - CP_Standin

    2 key points for all maps in HL: Call your death to Spy/Sniper! Do it so no one else is an easy target. These two classes are the ONLY class that is consistently killing our Medic. It is everyone's job to look out for these two classes. Second point is to BUILD UBER!!!

    This is a new style of maps and is easily one of the most team oriented maps. Execution is key and everyone really needs to know what their role is. Normally I give some leeway and open to experiments, but this one I'm going to gear more towards those that haven't played the map. Once you've played it and can follow the guidelines, then branch out and move about. I'll shove the basics for each class just depending on which point you're on and a more broad overview of game sense to get you in the mood.

    Class Roles:
    In General - Be a mobile unit of flanking. Try and never fight people head on if possible. Use all the different routes in the map to seek and destroy. The hallways near spawn to B are generally ignored and not looked down very often. Utlize this to flank around from behind into the point.
    A - If you're attacking A first, you'll need to make sure you watch up high from the B entrances and also from their spawn. You cap 2x so hopefully someone else will be watching the upper area. Keep your eyes open for Spies and Snipers.
    B - Utilize the window entry in the middle to make quick escapes down to the health below. You should be able to waste a good amount of their time unless its half their team. At that point just fall back to A or C (whichever you have). If you decide to stay in, just keep going below to get health or back to spawn. Just make sure your team is aware of what's going on and plan a play with them.
    C - If you attack C first you can immediately run in and stand on the point. Watch through the windows in the giant pillars next to the point. You can get a good prediction of if someone is trying to flank around them and come in from behind. React accordingly. Watch out for peaking too much because a Sniper has a long line of site from their spawn area.

    In General - There are some long sight lines at A and C. B not so many, but huntsman could possibly work here if need be. Utlize these long halls and setup shop to keep their attention. While this is going on work with the Spy and Scout to possibly setup a flank to kill them on the point. If you own points, similar setups can work. Jarate is great to disperse a team on a point. Sniper's generally dont stay at one point for too long. Make your transitions to the points that need the most help, or the easiest to hold.
    A - There is a good amount of extra area on this point near the spawn areas. If you are holding the point, stand up there and you can shoot down towards their spawn door. Stay moving back and forth between high and low so they never know where exactly you'll be. If you are attacking the point, creep around the wall and force them to hug the little wall and work with your team to have them come in through B to splash damage them to death. Once they move away from the fence, shoot anyone that you can. Team plays are the best.
    B - Positioning is key. Similar to the Scout, utilize the hallway/caves next to the respawn that enter to B. A little shadow can go a long way if no one is paying attention. Stay mobile and always try and have a way to back out of situations. Hit shots.
    C - This one is probably the most straight forward. If you are first pushing in, take the long sight line. If you are holding and decide to stay here, then you can climb up to the back side and shoot down their spawn side. Even if you miss the shots you can still call inc.

    In General - Soldier is very similar to Scout in that you can get places very quickly. Utilize wall jumps to get places quickly and efficiently. Block off areas while your team caps with well timed spam. Whichever point you choose, try and get the high ground to splash down. I recommend moving off a point once its capped since you are very mobile and listen to who is having issues and go there. Black Box can work well since you'll be on your own a bit. Just put out damage and get that health back to RJ away. There are great big open places on all three areas. Utilize this space and learn different wall jumps to get you from one place to another, one side of a point to the other, or point to point.
    A - High ground is on the upper embankment behind the point that wraps to either spawn, entrance from B, or on the fence right next to the enemy's spawn. Utilize these spots. If you own the point and plan on staying in the area and hold on their side and put in the initial damage to hold them back. This can give your team time to push in and try and stop them.
    B - The most obvious height advantage here is on the house, but that is also the easiest way to get sniped if you camp up there. So use this space if they are already on the point and shoot down and in on them, or while they are pushing. Another height advantage would be the mid area to their spawn (since it is down a ramp). B is a bit hard for Soldiers to stay at and hold, so it's easiest to pass through and do what damage you can. Push in with your team or from another door as they push in. They will utilize the extra damage you can put out. Watch out for Scouts coming in the flanks.
    C - No real height advantage to play here except the entry to C from B or the back side. Most just stand on the entry, or will stand on the point to help cap and spam down the hall to spawn. A wall RJ will get you across the entire area pretty quickly if you need to chase someone down.

    In General - This map is based around small doors leading to large areas. This is prime real estate for sticky traps to cut off entire areas. Utilize spam and doors to take positional advantage over the enemy. If they are capping an area, go around them and cut them off from the next area. This will work for A/C, but B will be a bit more tricky and will be a more direct attack using the fences as cover. Know when to rotate to the next area. Demo is generally not used as a point capper. Be the pusher and power of the team. Stay with your Medic as best you can.
    A - Huge area that can be jumped across very quickly. The main options for this cap point when attacking is to setup sticky traps on the door to their spawn leading to A, or the 2 entrances from B (above the door on the outside). You probably will need to choose one or the other. If Sniper is with you, let him watch the spawn door and you focus on the B doors. If they push in they will have the height advantage.
    B - You can quickly sticky jump from the spawn door to the roof of the point if you need to quickly get damage out. Otherwise walk up and spam grens and hit the side walls so they bounce around on the point from a distance. As you get closer stickies will probably be the best bet. Utilize the chicken grate walls and the ravines to keep space between you and them. If you own the point you can sticky up their door. But generally teams will go out the sides, so your sticky trap could be totally ignored. Just spam it at that point.
    C - This is the smallest of the areas because it has a ceiling. So jumping across will need to be off a wall and as horizontal as possible. If they are capping C and you know they'll get it, go through B and sticky up the door so they cant quickly get out. The damage output will delay them from getting out, and also give your time to regroup and attack them. Best case scenario is you can drop a few of them. If you are capping, it's best to put stickies out on the upper level so they wont quickly come in. If you show the stickies then you can see them shoot them, if you hide, you have to just hope they come in to get hit. If you have enough people on the cap point, go ahead and push up to the foyer to B and get a trap set in case they decide to push in on you from there. Be a buffer to give your team time to cap.

    In General - Watch your flank. Spy check extra. And just try and choose the correct points to push at the proper time. Healing is about the same as always. Overheal your Sniper if he is the main one watching a door, or your Demoman if its him. Otherwise pocketing Hwguy/Pyro are safe bets. Top your Scout off if he ever comes to you. Build that as a knee jerk reaction when you see your Scout. There is no point differentiation here for the Medic, they are all the same. Get in positions where you will not be in a major Sniper sight line. Listen to the communication from your team on other points. This will tell you if you need to meet up with others instead of standing on another point. Be as mobile as you possibly can. This means not pocketing the Hwguy at certain times and moving off with your combo of Demo/Pyro. They should be able to protect you from quite a bit and the Hwguy can catch up. Never leave spawn without someone there to protect you. Scouts flanking will be a massive problem without the proper communication. Turn your volume up and keep the chatter to a minimum.

    In General - The same goes for Hwguy as it does for Medic. You need to be very mindful of Sniper lines and Spies. If everyone is looking forward, look behind for your team and be the main Spy checker. Rely on them to communicate when someone is coming. Otherwise stay spun up and spy checking. On most other situations I dislike staying spun up, this is a good time though if you wont get Sniped. Sweep through a room before you enter it. Jump spinning corners at every area can save you or your Medic's life. Get in this habit. Also check for stickies before entering any area before your Medic.

    In General - Lets lump Pyro in with the Hwguy and Medic since that is who he will most likely be hanging out with for most of the game. Pyro doesnt technically have to stay with the combo, but he is very easy to kill since he has such short range. So its just easier for him and he also needs to be there to block ubers from killing the Hwguy/Medic so....just keep it simple and stick near.
    A - This one is a fairly hard one to do a whole lot of damage on, but you can be very defensive. If they are coming out of their spawn, then you can airblast easy rockets/spam. If they are pushing from B, then you probably need to push up into them. If your Medic is near (hopefully), you can be pocketed and airblast them out of there with some follow up damage from the Hwguy. If you're pushing in, then flare or shotgun while out of range, or airblast any projectiles.
    B - Watch the flanks. Make sure nothing easy can get too close to anyone around you. If most are watching towards A or C, watch the other direction just in case a flank comes in.
    C - This is very similar to A in that the longe range isnt your friend. But when defending the point its much easier to defend from that long range and reflect things off. If you are defending and hear a call they are pushing from B, rotate up and hold the door. Fall back when it gets too hectic and get pocketed while up there. When pushing in, you just stick with the team and play smart.

    In General - Roam the map like you would want to on a 5CP. This map is made for random picks. The Spy that can utilize his pistol as well as knife will be the ultimate threat. Use your team as an easy distraction for you to get in. If you hear they are pushing from one side, setup (or ask them to give you time) and then go in. I know no Spy ever actually does ask for this time, so try and think ahead. With everyone looking one way, this should be fairly simple for backstabs or Amby. Try and not just run in for one kill. That is not efficient. Play as a team mate. It's not a pub. So give your team comms as to where the other team is, where they are pushing from, and where they are holding. Call out the Sniper, Sentry Gun, and Medic's %.

    In General - Treat this like you would any other map that you run mini-sentries. Put them in places that wont easily be killed quickly. They need to slightly be in reach, but not too far that they can kill it before it sees them. Dispensers and teleporters are probably not worth building to be honest. This is a fast paced game and you'll need to fully utilize your Shotgun aim (or frontier justice if you so choose) and mini sentry positioning. It's great to know where all the metal is so you can know how many mini sentries you can build in a pinch. So with this section we'll mainly go over some places to drop guns and then where to stand to effectively split their attention.
    A - If you hold A and decide to stay there, put the gun on the other side of the wall and then stand near the point to bait. Head up to the top of B entrance to gain the height advantage once they start shooting the gun. This gives you an escape as well as the high ground. Then drop another one. Or you can put it on the high ground behind the point to shoot them as they come in and then drop another one as you back up to B. It's easier to fall out of A through B instead of going back to spawn. This is a long walk and can lead to a dead builder-man. If you are pushing A from spawn, drop the gun half way and split off to the side. Or go to the high ground behind the point and take height advantage as well as dropping the gun. If you're pushing in through B, just drop it on one side of the doors and shoot them as they shoot at you or the gun. Hopefully you're pushing in with the team so you wont be the first in to die. This works best if you let a few go in before.
    B - No huge strategy here. Utilize all the dark alleys from spawn and the fences. Remember the rule of putting it a certain distance from them. This is a fairly wide point so you can drop a gun and move to the other side. When they kill the first gun, move back to the other side or to the mid. Be creative and annoying.
    C - Similar to A in that you have a door there with height advantage, and an area behind the point that can give height. Dont just put it back there!! It has no vision of anything but the door from B. Put it in the area right before the ramp so they have to full be down the hall before they see it. This can give you time to leave, or your team time to pick at them. The high ground of the ramp will make it harder for them to shoot it (especially if you dont put it on the ramp to avoid splash). So if you have a forward gun, back up and be ready to drop the next one on the high ground.

    Split push planning
    Here are a few different options that have been ran in the past that worked fairly well.
    To cap A/C - The full split:
    A - Scout/Soldier/Sniper - Sniper watches their respawn door, Soldier watches high to B and ready to jump or stands on point with pain train. Scout keeps the 2x cap going. This point is long so the Sniper/Soldier's long range can help give time to cap without letting them safely get in close.
    B - Spy - To call if they are all pushing that way and comes in behind them if they start to push in on A/C. Incorporate this communication into your team's gameplay and you will always be prepared.
    C - Hwguy/Demo/Pyro/Eng/Medic - Off capping B or C and can rotate over if a possible wipe is available and can push in from their respawn door behind them to crush, or from B high. This powerful group should be able to go wherever they need, Eng can branch off to help A directly if the team likes that better, or setup a gun at B to try and be annoying.

    If A and C get capped, converge on B and stack it to end the round quickly. Dont let them bait you back to A/C. Cap B and its over even if they are capping the others.
    To cap C - The C Sandwich:
    B - Scout/Spy - flanks behind them from B to their spawn door.
    Respawn door - Sniper/Eng - holds the long hall with support from the Engy wrangling.
    B main - Medic/Hwguy/Pyro/Soldier/Demo - Demo spams down in before a commitment is made just to get the damage out. Then uber in and focus fire.

    This push can be utilized when you have A/B and they are trying to protect their last point.
    The Slant:
    A or C - Medic/Hwguy/Pyro/Demo
    B - Soldier/Scout/Eng/Scout/Spy

    Trading out the Eng and Demo on this one can benefit if their team pushes B harder than anything else. Or even put Eng/Demo both at B to block off the doors from A/C and their spawn. With the meat of your team on only two points and not stretching too thin, you can quickly cap two points and then slant over straight into C. Leave a Sentry at B or A (eng too possibly) to make sure they dont recap while you're fighting at C or A.
    No matter the combination, you need to move as groups. Bulking up as one big group of 9 generally doesnt work unless the other team is lower in skill than you. So utilize the splits. Utilize any of these split styles and put whoever you want in the places I did. If your main pocket is your Demo, then lever let him leave your Medic and then let your Hwguy roam around with the Eng for that protection they both can have without the extra heals. Be creative. It can be frustrating, but it feels very rewarding when it works out.


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