• Heinsight Strategy - CP_Process

    For the basics of how to play 5cp, check out the Strategy guide for 5cp basics

    Now that you have the basics under your belt, we'll apply all of that directly to cp_process in a more descriptive way. So we will just focus on the team, and sometimes break it into more individual tips.

    Area names
    Mid - Center of the map with the middle control point
    2nd - The second capture point area
    Last and doors- The area surrounding the last point. It's good to call out the doors. Main doors are the two in the dead center. Left is sometimes called Flank. Or just go with the number system 1-5 all the way across the board.
    Choke - Small door at mid leading to 2nd
    Computer/PC- The door leading to the computer room that connects to 2nd high and low routes
    Sewer - The left route that is enclosed in shuttered doors.

    Key points:
    1) If a Medic is hit hard, jump him and sacrifice for it if he's low enough and its just after the call.
    2) Mark out their top players for Scout/Spy/Sniper to focus on. This is very easy and can alleviate some of the tension on Medic (since those are the only 3 classes he should be dying to if he plays smart).

    Class Roles Mid fight , CP 2, Last

    Scout - Am I gonna have to capture this thing all by myself?
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    Sniper - All your heads look bloody twelve feet tall!
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    Soldier- Which of you numbnuts let us down?
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    Demo - All ya dandies, prancin' about with your heads full of eyeballs!
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    Medic - You are trying my patience!
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    Hwguy - HIDE, COWARDS!
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    Pyro - Mhnk nhya mgh mhph
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    Spy - Promise not to bleed on my suit, and I'll kill you quickly.
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    Engy - C'mere, sissy!
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    Team Offense

    Mid fight - This is mainly for the Medic to see because it is something that can benefit him a great deal. Send Scout off to their PC or your PC, Soldier on crates, and Spy to their side to watch. These guys should be able to tell you if they are going to jump and/or which way they are pushing from. You need to make sure you know your escape by backing out. Dont run into any walls. Listen to comms and hit tab often. If you've lost your heavy hitters you need to get out. If you push in aggressive, push with your Scout/Pyro and let others follow through. This push needs to go directly to their Medic. You can fall out at any time if you recognize the situation is bad and you can fall back to your Demo and Hwguy. This is paired with the Soldier jumping from the side can cause them to panic and make mistakes. The alternative is to wait until they push in on you and pocket your Pyro to block them back.

    CP 2 - Get the Spy in place so he can see around the corner. This is very important. From here you know how your push needs to go. If you want to have fun and be bold, set your Demoman to jump to wherever their Medic is and force an uber. If he does it right it will happen a majority of the time. If they are holding in the PC area that is covered, all you need to do is watch for stickies and creep out past the point and spam in. This should be enough to block them out. Once you've made this push, Spy should push in from behind them at PC or come from last for the pick. In this time of confusion its the best time to get away with murder (literally). Soldier has a really good chance of rocket jumping up around the corner for a double RJ, but he needs to know where the stickies are before he should go. Stickies are incredibly important on this point and can ruin a push. Hwguy should also focus down their Pyro to have the cleanest pushes possible. Play around with different pushes. As well as what we talked about earlier with the Sniper/Scout in Sewer. Put any that combo paired up with any of the main pushes and you have a solid distraction to keep your team in a successful run. Chase down everyone you can find and go straight to last to camp if you wipe them at CP 2. Pushing last is one of the hardest maps around....and can drag out 0-0 an entire round at the slightest failure.

    Last - Most teams will hold up high behind the point. Push in with the Demoman or Scout to get them in and destroy the gun. Then you can flash the Soldier so he can jump at the combo to hopefully force a pop. The intent of the uber pushing in is mainly to make sure no one dies to stickies or the gun. Flash it around to save them. Make sure your PYRO IS ALIVE!! Once they pop an uber spread out like crazy and wait for it to end. If you can manage to stay in and heal everyone, do it. Teams get timid and think that since their uber is over that they need to fall back. This isnt the case. You can fall back, but push back in if you still have a good amount up. Practice this. Make sure everyone knows what they are doing. A Soldier that can jump up behind the point can be a huge distraction. Add on to this a patient Spy to come in even later and you have a bonified split. Dead Ringer is pretty annoying on this point if it can be pulled off, but Cloak and Dagger is always viable.

    Team Defense

    CP 2 - Just know that if they pop by a good margin after you that its probably not going to go your way and back out. Keep your Pyro close so that he can be there to waste theirs and you can stay and pocket him a little easier. Once its over, go for a push to mid if the advantage is there. Dont be afraid to be bold on a repush, otherwise this map is a full on stalemate. We went over the library hold, the other hold that can be used is the balcony hold. It's a long way off and they have to come to you. A downside of this hold is that you are giving them a great amount of room to push in. Don't rely on a sticky trap to drop them from this far off, but it is an option to trick them. Avoid being out in the open just in case a Sniper goes out one of the sewer doors. Its a quick shot to ruin a hold.

    Last - We went over this a bit separately but it may be easier to go visualize with everything right next to each other. I've gone over many different scenarios and this is one of the strongest holds I could come up with because it covers all 5 doors and has backups for each one. They will have a very tough time pushing it, the thing that you should focus on is trying to push back out once you've dropped 3 or 4 of them (5 to be safe).
    Scout - Watch door 1 and float in that lobby to call inc. Not far enough in to die except to possibly a Sniper. Damage can be put on, but mainly you're there for comms.
    Sniper - Stand in the lane in between door 1 and respawn. There is that barrier wall, stand to the left or right of it where you can snipe into the lobby. Your Medic should pocket you at this point since there is a very slim chance he can be sniped with your Scout/Soldier also watching the balcony area from 1.
    Soldier - Watch 1 with your Scout and put out splash damage on the ceiling and the wall. You want them frustrated and forced to make a quick/bad push. If you can force them to waste time or try and go in door 4 and 5, you've done it right.
    Demo - Sticky up door 4 and 5, but also spare 2 or 3 for the side of the ramp at balcony (the ramp in between 2 and 3). You shouldnt need a whole lot at 4 and 5, just enough to cause them to force early. Main goal is to keep them from forcing your team to pop as well as making it where they cant get the gun easily. This is a good spread and send lots of spam their way.
    Medic - Hang out on the ramp to the back side in between 1 and respawn. The barrier wall will block you from getting sniped at all doors but 4, 5, and 1. Demo should be on top of 4 and 5. Once he goes down you should get behind the barrier for protection, or just stand there anyways! The point of standing here is that you are so far away from their possible uber that you can choose when to pop your uber any time and force them out and retake CP 2. Pocket your Sniper and keep the guys around you overhealed during all this. Call for Scout/Soldier to fall back every now and then to get a full buff.
    Hwguy - Float with your Medic and Spy check and stay spun up the whole time. You wont get sniped from this position on the ramp if your team's comms are doing it right. Your Medic is busy, let him do his job while you have nothing else to do.
    Pyro - Same gig as the Hwguy. You literally have nothing else to do during this time but run around and spy check. Enjoy yourself and flare through the 2nd door to hit people standing around. Dont get too close, if you are dead when they push.....just dont be dead or you will let your team down.
    Spy - Stay out on CP 2 and give comms to where they are coming from. This will help your Soldier and Demoman know exactly when to spam so they arent fully wasting their ammo. Comms should be near silent except for Spy at this point. Dont go for kills until they push in. Be patient and be a huge credit to team.
    Eng - Lvl3 sentries are your best bet. Lots of good spots for this. On either side of door 2 and 3 there is a drop down. Level 3 guns fit perfectly right here. Otherwise on either side of the last CP will work beautifully. The distraction of having them right next to the door will waste a few seconds of most Medic's ubers (distraction, YES!) and will give your Medic time to get prepped to repush out on them after this failure. Putting it on the far side next to the CP will be far enough away that they have to go towards it and cant attack your combo. Which will again give your team time to push onto the combo and not let them live. Spy check for yourself a lot. It's probably not worth your time to sit with the sentries right next to 2 and 3, this would also lose the surprise. If they push in and it fails, move the gun somewhere else so they dont know exactly where its at. If they are smart they will have a Spy push in first to tell where its at. If the Sentry is on the far side you can definitely sit with it, but also you will also really want to spy check a lot. Short circuit is a viable option to help block stickies coming in. It's also pretty frustrating to face.

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