• Heinsight Strategy - CP_Granary

    For the basics of how to play 5CP, check out the Strategy guide for 5cp basics

    Now that you have the basics under your belt, we'll apply all of that directly to cp_granary in a more descriptive way. So we will just focus on the team, and sometimes break it into more individual tips.

    Area names
    Mid - Center of the map with the middle control point
    Choke/Flank - Small door at mid leading to Mid
    Main/Garage- Big door leading to Mid
    Z - The little zigzag area near CP 2 leading out to courtyard.
    Courtyard - Can mean the main courtyard in between Mid and CP 2, or the flank courtyard on the other side of the crates closer to library.
    Library - Garage area on flank side of CP 2 that leads up above the point
    Shutter - The door at CP 2 opposite from Z

    Key points:
    1) If a Medic is hit hard, jump him and sacrifice for it if he's low enough and its just after the call.
    2) Mark out their top players for Scout/Spy/Sniper to focus on. This is very easy and can alleviate some of the tension on Medic (since those are the only 3 classes he should be dying to if he plays smart).

    Class Roles Mid fight , CP 2, Last

    Scout - Am I gonna have to capture this thing all by myself?
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    Sniper - All your heads look bloody twelve feet tall!
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    Soldier- Which of you numbnuts let us down?
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    Demo - All ya dandies, prancin' about with your heads full of eyeballs!
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    Medic - You are trying my patience!
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    Hwguy - HIDE, COWARDS!
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    Pyro - Mhnk nhya mgh mhph
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    Spy - Promise not to bleed on my suit, and I'll kill you quickly.
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    Engy - C'mere, sissy!
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    Team Offense

    Mid fight - Know where your Medic and your Demoman are going to meet at mid. He will need those heals as soon as you get in most likely. Find him and then that's when everyone needs to start focus firing and calling out things. Medic needs to be called and pressure put on, but not too aggressively. There are a few pretty good plays you can do to try and route them out of mid.
    1) Push hard through your choke with Hwguy/Pyro/Medic to their garage and take over that area. This will pressure them to stay in their choke. To add to this threat have your Soldier/Scout push in on that choke side so they cant push to your garage. Demoman will do his normal rollout but focus on spamming between your garage and their choke to further the pressure. This is an exceptional push to do when you know they push from choke a lot.
    2) Once the Soldier/Demo/Spy/Scout are all in, they call where the other team is pushing from. Hwguy/Medic/Eng go out balcony and shoot down on them as they come. Height advantage will force them to come to you and shoot up. Soldier will have no splash possibilities and will have to RJ (Hwguy can destroy). The rest is all about rotation and pushing them out of mid when you have the man advantage.
    3) This is now the time to push out directly from garage. Two ways to do this one: Move to the mid and hope you dont get focus fired too early; or go around to their choke and try and push them back (if they are there) or split onto the point from there if you recognize they arent there. Make sure you know your attack priorities and escape plans. With this option you are putting yourself at the mercy of anyone on top of the crates. So be ready to back out if necessary. Pyro and Hwguy are very important on this one. This one is also very strong if you know they are attacking choke. Lead in with Pyro as the tank/pocket with Scout pushing forward as well. Pretty brutal combo.

    CP 2 - Push as a team. That doesnt mean all push from the same door! Splitting this push is really strong. Best ubers on this point come from Pyro/Scout/Demoman.
    1) A quick kritz in from library low on Demo all the way into CP 2 can be really strong as well. Dont go up the stairs, just do it from down low. Get your Spy to get in and tell you where they are holding and push through. Have your Hwguy/Eng stay at Z or the shutter door and push in from that way to sandwich the defense in. The rest can follow in from wherever they want really. Pyro should stay with Medic to protect from spam.
    2) If you want to do the uber push, then push in from shutter door or Z. These are the closest spots to push in on their defense. Again get your Spy to tell you where they are holding. This will dictate who should get the uber in. If close and their Pyro is sitting there and ready: dual uber in your Scout until he gets airblasted, then your Pyro to airblast him back, and then Demo if he needs it (otherwise Demo and Hwguy should come in behind and spam).
    3) If the Pyro is not there ready, the Scout should be able to force their pop without too much incident. Once the uber is popped or dropped, then switch it to the Pyro and let him tank the rest of it. You should be able to stay in on this and not fall back. All situations are different though, so be aware of your surroundings. Even without an uber, your Pyro can ruin a lot of things. Just make sure you dont die to Stickies or Sniper/Spy and a non-uber push should also be able to work.
    4) Another fun one is to go in with the Pyro and as he is airblasting their Pyro out of the way, he's also spouting flames and blocking vision. This should allow your team to put out some easier damage. Pyro Tank is pretty impressive. As TMP always saidthe Pyro needs to be ready for it, it cant just happen and expect exceptional results. So practice it!
    If these holds arent working, just get in on the library and camp out a minute and have your Scout/Sniper sit at shutter and go for picks. It's much easier/faster to push in as a team, but it can be utilized as a pick unit to wait for Spy to initiate and then push in. Practice it out.

    Last - Similar pushing methods as CP 2 can work for last. Just remember you're pushing in to a much longer area. So know where they are standing. The real big key here is to not swarm the point. Try and kill as many of them off as possible, block the doors, etc. This is one of those points that a slow push can really work. The defense is going to expect you to go right for the point, so if you swing out wide on the left or right and just fight, it is something unusual and hopefully they will push out towards you in an attempt to finish it up. This sounds odd, but it happens all the time in a slow push.
    1) If they are standing on the pipe near house, have your Soldier go out the left door and jump up at the Medic. This can work, otherwise he can just stay upstairs inside and spam at them while you push out the left side. Pushing out right could work with kritz very well on Demo (which is why most hold back to last) so give this a chance if you know they are there. Going out left side will keep you a little farther away from the push and you can flank around them. Just make sure you dont forget that they are on the pipe. If you can circle left around the cinder block and swing back in on them, they will have no escape and will force to spin up. Which means you can sandwich them in. Its kind of why a lot of teams will start out on defense there, but pull back as the fight happens.
    2) Almost same as above, but this time you have kritz. When you find out where they are, go out through whichever door is closest to them and demo primes a long range sticky right onto the Medic. This kind of surprise play is a good change up. After the first sticky or two, feel free to switch over to the Hwguy for those long range laser plays.
    3) Here is a play that my teams always did and we always seemed to have a lot of really good luck with, and its a slow push if the enemy is on their point:
    Scout - Goes out left door and swings wide, pot shotting people until the Hwguy/Demo start focus firing. If he's close enough to anyone that is pushed too far forward, take them out safely without taking much damage. Scout is there for damage output and then later can go in for the meat of the battle. An option is for the Medic and Scout to go straight for their combo, pop uber and then the rest of the team spreads out and dances around until the uber is gone and then attack.
    Sniper - Come out the left door once the Combo has already gone out and shoot at your leisure from behind the lines. Before the push happens, have your Scout open the door for you to try and get a pick on the Sniper. If he's standing somewhere different and there are no stickies on the is left door, have your Medic pocket you as you creep out to find the Sniper or Medic. Another spot would be to go upstairs and snipe out of the window. Or even the right door and shoot over the fence for protection.
    Soldier - Jumps out from Window onto the top pipe and distracts from above putting out splash damage to possibly force a fast pop.
    Demoman - Come out with the Medic and spam the Sentry gun or the Combo.
    Medic - Get everyone overhealed and walk out the left door. Your two things to watch out for right off are sticky traps, Spy, and Sniper. The rest should take them time to put out enough damage on you to force a pop. So be mindful of these (especially Sniper/Stickies). Swing wide around the cinder block to gain more time, but if you want a quicker walk through, go to the right of it and go directly at the Combo. The rest of your team should be floating around to get heals and stay alive. Just try not to pop too early if possible.
    Hwguy - Go out with your Medic and run as far as you can before you start spinning up. Most likely you wont get to wind down for a little bit. So be mindful of Spies at this point while you're fully spun up. Hopefully your Pyro can help Spy check here.
    Pyro - Spy check for your Medic and Hwguy. Airblast away rollers. They should be able to dodge most of them, especially Rockets as well. If they pop first, airblast it away, if your Medic pops first, make sure you are there to help them not get blown back.
    Spy - Focus Engy/Sentry as best you can. Then Sniper from there, then Medic/Hwguy.
    Engy - Come out a little later and drop a mini sentry where it will be ignored for the most part, but can put out damage. On the left cinder block is a good spot. Also just right out on the ground on the far left area can help.

    Team Defense

    CP 2 - It seems like most mid fights on granary end in near wipes. If you can keep your Medic alive as you back out and still keep your Demo/hwguy up, there is a chance you can hold the left courtyard. Then Scout/Soldier can go hold the other courtyard when they get up. If you lose your Medic, then stay back in CP 2 and get ready. If you wiped at mid, then dont even try to hold it unless you killed a lot of them as well. You can always repush back in if your Medic gets up before theirs. Just dont let them have the point easily if they dont have numbers. Hold to everyone's individual positions. Be ready to back out and defend last instead of wiping at CP 2.

    Last - Focus on comms and calling which door they are coming in from. Watch all the doors and push in on wherever they are. You dont want them taking out your Sentry gun or getting a lot of ground for free. Lead with your Demo and let the Hwguy and Scout follow up with clean up. Force their uber as quickly as you can and then pocket the Pyro to waste. Everyone needs to focus down the people not getting ubered. Pyro should definitely try to airblast the Medic so that he cant leave. This might keep a few of them to stay in to attempt to protect him. Then push back to CP 2 quickly!!!

    For a more in depth analysis, check out the Heinsight featuring Vhalin
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