• Heinsight Strategy - CTF_Turbine_Pro

    We've used a few versions of Turbine_Pro at this point so this is going to be an overview of the main way to play. If its the version without the boxes outside of flag room leading up to banana, then your team just needs to know that you cant use it. If it does, great.

    Area names
    Vent - Airduct area that goes from outside and respawn to flag room
    Main (entrance) - Left entrance to base, wide/big door.
    Gate - Small door that leads to the respawn from outside.
    Mid - The entire middle area of the map with crates, turbines, and balcony.
    Banana - The hallway from outside to upper area outside of flag room.

    Flag Exit Routes
    Out Main/Banana - This is the route everyone should take and coordinate pushes towards.
    Out Respawn - Pretty risky, but can cause them to bottleneck in that hall and get kritzed to death.
    Out Vent - Similar to the Respawn route. This is one of the best ways to take it if you have your Hwguy/Medic in the vents and Soldier just drops down and RJ's the flag back out. They'll have to go through a wall of 450 health tank Hwguy to get to you.

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    Class Roles

    Scout - Roam and pillage. If you see someone you know you cant kill, fall back or flank around. Coordinate bonk with the Cluster in order to get the flag out and/or the gun down. If its just you and the Spy, have the Spy sap and you go in and kill it/engy. Then pull it out. If they have a gun outside, just sweep the base and do what you can. Stay alive so you can be in place when you're needed.

    Sniper - Kill and call incoming to you for the Engy's benefit.

    Soldier - Stay with cluster and jump their Medic when they're outside. Get overheals as much as possible. SOldier can combo up with the Spy or Scout to push in for caps by themselves (Spy saps, Soldier drops in and rj's it back out main door or vent, or Scout bonks in to distract gun and eng while Soldier kills Eng and then gun).

    Demo - Sticky up Gate door until you push in. If you dont control mid, sticky banana and main (whichever one the Hwguy isn't watching).

    Medic - Uber and be ready to push at the sign of an advantage or call to push out to Mid/Flag Room.

    Hwguy - Stay with Medic and push in when the time comes. Not too aggressive. But stay with the cluster.

    Pyro - Stay with cluster and flame around. Flare the Sniper. Spycheck and airblast ubers. Same as always. On initial push stay back with the Engineer until he gets his stuff up. If he is having a lot of problems, stay back on Defense full time.

    Spy - Your job is to sap the Engineers buildings and kill the Engineer. Work with the Cluster/Soldier/Scout to get it sapped at the perfect time so it can go down while they pull flag out. It's great to run Cloak & Dagger. Just hang out in Flag Room for the perfect moment. If you dont hold Mid, call what you see and go for kills when its safe.

    Engy - Build gun in the flagroom. Move it every time someone comes in and dies. You will probably be alone. Keep your back to a wall as much as possible. Crank your volume up because it is very quiet and will allow you to hear uncloaking pretty easily. There are at least 4 different spots in the flagroom to put your LVL3 gun (not minigun!!!). Keep the gun in the FR until the flag is moved out. If the gun is not in the FR then a Scout can take it out another way and avoid the gun completely. Teleporter is nice to have going up to banana (entrance in FR, exit up top leading to banana if no boxes, otherwise put them where you need). Some will put the tele in floor of the flag room and the exit up in Vent to help block, others put entrance at respawn and put the exit down in the Main entrance to help get players back in the fight faster. Place your Sentry gun in spots where it will force them to pop ubers on it or a concerted effort. Anywhere they can kill it without being shot is generally a hard spot. If their entire team is in your flag room and no one else on your team is, then the team is getting wiped and needs to back up faster.

    Team Dynamic 1 - Safe play
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    Team Dynamic 2 - Aggressive and Mobile
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    Top down view
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