• Heinsight Strategy - CP_Steel

    Here we are with one of the more complicated maps in the rotation, and probably in the game beside tc_hydro. We'll go over ways to clearly to setup your team and clearly define what everyone should and shouldn't be doing.

    Cluster - Hwguy/Medic/Pyro/Demo
    Shelf - Upper area of C

    What capping does
    Capping A opens the door from A-E and A-B, Closes Red's spawn to A
    Capping B opens the door from B-C, Swaps Red's spawn to the other side of E
    Capping C brings the ramps out on E CP
    Capping D brings up the rails to E CP, Closes off Red's spawn doors pointing to E
    Capping E gains you 5 points total (even if you skip A-D) and its over

    Blue- Always stays the same. (Teleporters very necessary.)
    Red 1 - Spawn here before A/B are capped.
    Red 2 - Spawn here after A/B are capped.
    Red 2.5 - Spawn in 2, but certain doors are cut off to E. Routing you through C or D.

    The picture below emphasizes the spawns/sniper/eng spots/sticky trap important spots. Use it as a general guide, but for newer people to a class, it can be a solid starting out guide. It's all the sentry spots I've seen (lvl3's at least), and Sniper spots (so Medics can know what to avoid early on).
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    Class Roles

    Scout - Scout's other name is Recon for Reconnaissance. Bonk around and tell where things are coming from. This is a fairly choked map, so be sure you are coming in from behind on the enemy. If you can do this, then you should be able to get some good kills. Otherwise its a bit rough. So do what you can. On Defense, its good to start off at whichever point your Caller wants you at (be it A for extra DPS, or B for the flank vision). Once they've capped A, your job should generally be to hover in the E region to make 100% sure they don't get a base setup in D/E area. Look for teleporters and call incoming. Run away at mid health and stay alive. There is lots of health on this map. Just dont take it if your Medic is running towards it (dick move). You have the chance to really save the map if your communication is early enough. Your Cluster can then rotate over to wherever they are pushing from and stop it. Generally pushes wont happen without the Medic, so take note of that. On Offense, just play it like you would most other maps. Juke and dodge, cap points when you can. Nothing special there.

    Sniper - Float around whichever area you are controlling. Call out where their Sniper is and get clean shots. Situation normal for both Offense and Defense. Just make sure your positioning can get kills as well as get you escape routes. This is generally very important when Defending and Attacking E since there are so many doors/windows around.

    Soldier - This can be more of a roaming map for Soldier. He should get the high ground in every situation possible. Splash is key. Aim down bro! If your Scout calls that they are coming in from an area, you can be the fastest one to get there and start the spam.

    Demo - Sticky the chokes....and there are lots of them! Nothing new with this class. Demo is very important so make sure your Medic is topping you off and keeping you overhealed. If he's not ask nicely or spam the heal button, he's a busy guy. Try and cut off the other team from entering areas you want to hold. This is applicable on all maps.

    Medic - Blow ubers. Run with 20-30% left if you have to. Do not die being too aggressive. Waiting to spawn 10-20 seconds is harsh enough and shouldn't happen often. Avoid the pit on E. It's pretty easy to fall in (sentry push, Pyro airblast, shotgun push back, etc.). The hardest thing to know sometimes is when to push in to an area. You'll learn this with practice and time with your team. Just make sure when you are pushing in that you have enough people to go in and do damage. A failed push can hurt more than waiting 10 extra seconds for the right people to get there.

    Hwguy - Jump spin corners. Always stay out of the line of site of a long hall. Listen to the incs for the 3 S's (Sniper/Spy/Scout, yea Soldier is S but he isnt as big a threat except on B). Keep your Medic alive and dont worry about points. You can finish the match with 100 pts and still lose. Just be patient and sit back when you have to. Try and never be on the front line of fighting. You can maintain your health if you stand behind a little and output damage.

    Pyro - Stick with the Medic/Hwguy for protection. Float to the Engineer as well. Refilling your ammo as well as protecting him and his gun. Do as the Medic asks and you will hopefully be over healed the whole game. Airblast around E is ridiculously good. If they pop uber, just airblast them off and threaten them whenever you can. When your Medic hits 90% uber, make sure you are Spy checking. That's prime time.

    Spy - Get backstabs on key classes per normal. Nothing new. Listen for key objectives your Medic calls out for you. Kill the trouble class that everyone is dying to if possible. Learn where all the metal is stashed. Steal as much as you can on O, and on D take it all except around the Eng if possible. On Defense, remember to float through D/E areas to make sure they dont get a setup there. Make sure you keep communication up with your Scout to make sure at least one of you is there.

    Engy - There are an incredible amount of solid gun spots. Look at the picture and familiarize yourself with all of these. They all go from Long line of site, to backup spot once they take it down (if they get pushed back, put it back at the first spot). Build teleporters and maintain them for the good of the team. Try and place dispensers in solid spots where they arent easily taken out, and also arent too far away from the team for health/ammo. If you are attacked by a spy: CALL IT OUT!!! Offense is all about that minigun and cutting off the scouts from flanking.

    Point Strategies

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    For a more in depth analysis, check out the Heinsight. It's very long and full of an incredible amount of information. Split it up into sessions for your team if you want. But it really will teach you the ins and outs.
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