• Heinsight Strategy - Payload Badwater

    For the basics of how to play Payload, check out the Strategy guide for Payload basics

    Now that you have the basics under your belt, we'll apply all of that directly to pl_badwater in a more descriptive way. So we will just focus on the team, and sometimes break it into more individual tips.


    CP 1 - Get as many kills as possible while the Scout pushes the cart like a champ. Focus on the Sniper/Pyro/Hw first and let the rest fall into place. The obvious kills are obvious. Do what you can and push them back. Demoman can have a joyous time on this first area with his caber and/or Stickies. Flying high through the air, he will drop on the Medic before the gun will ever pick him up. Some Demos do this and use stickies in a group around the Medic/Sentry, others go directly for Caber. Choose the one you like more and go for it! A good combination setup is: Soldier with Direct hit/Sniper/Engineer push the right wall/rock and support each other while the Sniper goes for their Sniper and Soldier goes for gun. The key as Soldier is to trick the Eng into abandoning his Disp (if its visible). Shoot the Sentry to get him to move up, then the other 3 rockets go for Disp. With no resupply capabilities the hold up top is crippled greatly. You've done your part if you can take those down. Pair this up with Spy going through tunnel and sapping right as your main group attacks can flush them off the cliff and hopefully wipe them. Medic needs to watch for the early jumping Soldier!!! This is one of the easiest ways to die or pop extremly early....and its not very hard for a Soldier to do. Hwguy/Pyro need to be looking to the skies for this and be prepared to deny his plans. Once you have numbers, the killing classes need to push up to their spawn door and camp it (Hwguy/Demo/Soldier/Medic). Only 3x is needed on the cart so everyone else move up (this tends to leave Scout/Engy on the cart).

    CP 2 - Clear the roof as quickly as possible. If they have a super strong hold on it you have several options as to how to clear this out. 1) Uber Demo/Hwguy low and let them kill the gun from the cart path. The D will stay up there standing around while the gun is down out of habit if you're lucky and let you push it/cap it. While ubered have the rest of the team push the cart. Dont cluster and all push it at once. Move around and dont get easily killed. It just takes one person to push for it to keep going. 2) The classic push of Hwguy/Medic/Pyro/Demo go up the spiral stairs, Soldier comes from the flank/back stairs, Scout/Eng push cart (putting mini sentry down in that little nook across from point or out near the cement half-wall just for extra damage), Sniper watches the cart path for anyone crossing over. Uber out with your Pyro and force their uber while Hwguy kills their Pyro. Demo takes down gun. Boom 3) If you know they watch the spiral stair closely, faint a push that way with your Soldier or Demoman, then push with Hwguy/Pyro/Medic to the back stairs to push them off the roof. Everyone's roles are still the same as the basics, its all just a matter of how you get there as a group. Another fun thing for Soldier to do is go underneath roof and do a double rj off the wall and land on top of the Medic's head. This is something I've kept to myself a while and have never seen anyone do it, so DO IT! It's very hard to counter if the gun is being sapped and the Medic will be dropped before it can pick him up. Those are just three options of how to push, but they are the best in my opinion. Anything to set them in chaos is perfect.

    CP 3 - Once 2 is capped try and get a presence on that corner of 3. Demo can sticky this and keep them pushed back. Once the other strong classes are up push forward. Uber at a timely place where you can kill them and/or push them back. Once they are pushed hold the position and the rest of the team push the cart. If they are strong on 3, try and pick them apart one at a time. Demo spamming over the roof will make the grenades just roll down the other side of the roof, thus stopping them from standing on that little catwalk. Soldier usually has pretty good luck rocket jumping to the left side up above the point. This is a very long point from respawn for both teams. Kill their tele, make sure yours is up. Last point is similar, get the gun down and call out Sniper so the Medic doesn't get picked. The best advice for this is really to just get a good uber off and play off your Spy. Communication is a really big part of this point. When you push in with uber, have your Spy push in from behind and take down classes not paying attention. Just remember the Sentry is a big part of this hold, that can be the Soldier's job while you push in from another way.

    CP 4 - If you have a roll going in from 3rd to last, the best setup I've had is:
    Scout - Push cart, bonk in and push cart if you have to
    Sniper - Go for their Sniper and then hop on cart once it gets at bottom of ramp. Jarate!!!!
    Soldier - Go to top left Spawn and spam the tiny choke door.
    Demo - Get a top off and jump to the top right spawn area and sticky up this larger area
    Medic - Pop uber on the Hwguy and go down the ramp and take out the Sentry gun.
    Hwguy - Sprays down anyone that gets near and helps take down gun if necessary. Listen to your Medic for the call to get on the cart or push to their spawn with the rail jump.
    Pyro - Stick with the Medic when he pops and push their Uber out of the way. Try and direct your airblast to keep them in the fight and not able to back out.
    Spy - Try and get in position to take down Sentry when they uber in. Any stabs will help.
    Eng - Push cart with the Scout. Putting a mini sentry up top looking down on the point is really strong. Drop it up there and as the cart gets to the bottom of the ramp drop down and help push more.

    **This is such a strong scenario that it works a great deal. If you dont have a roll, then the Demo/Soldier need to stick around the cart to help it move. The key picks on this final point are definitely the Demoman/Hwguy/Pyro. Without these three classes, the gun will fall with little effort.**


    CP 1 - Engy builds lvl3 up top near stair area (where exactly is your team's choice, just keep in mind the enemy Sniper near lower rocks). Pyro stays with him to reflect rockets until their uber is called, then rotate over to them. If they pop uber up top he needs to airblast. The airblast will push the ubered player into the air and the lvl3 will pick them up and push them down to respawn (if you're lucky). Don't airblast the Medic away if possible, leave him there to waste his time. Medic/Hwguy should stay up high as well and hold this. Kill the Sniper that tries to peek left on the hill. This is the only class that should get anywhere close to killing the Medic other than a bombing Soldier/Demo. Communication is crucial. Scout focus on Sniper with your Sniper and Spy. Once the cart is at the end of the tunnel the Eng should put it on the edge and keep it healed up. Call uber. Fall back if they have numbers. Dont let them wipe 1 and 2 in one swoop by camping respawn. Just.....fall back. 2 is easier to hold than 1. If gun goes down and the cart is past the tunnel, build at 2. If a strong push keeps it back then you can possibly move it up, but its risky. If the caller notices that 3 or so are down, the Medic needs to head out as fast as he can. Soldier jumping from the cliff onto their Medic is very easy to accomplish. Have your Spy sitting up near the front and call out when they go up that little path to the top. This is perfect because there are walls there to splash on if you accidentally miss. This should work a majority of the time for you even if they are expecting it.

    CP 2 - Demo spam the cart path and call for buffs when you need. Or jump up to the roof to refill ammo/health at the same time. Sniper also down on the cart path because it has the longest site lines can call what is coming down. Engy and the Sentry Gun up top lvl3 on roof hanging over the point is the norm. Pick your place on the edge after practicing it in a few spots. Hwguy can float from spiral stairs to back stairs. Scout/Soldier can watch the back area and call incomings if they are trying to get up through he back stairs. Its pretty easy to avoid the Sniper on this point if you stand in the right spots. Medic/Pyro will always be together because if they decide to come up the back stairs, you can just stand on that little health and wait for them to crest....and airblast them off. Hopefully they popped uber already and will have wasted some of it. If they push up the Spiral stairs you can push in that room and block them from even having a chance to see the Sentry gun, or wait until they come out and airblast them up in the air (riskier unless Pyro is uber). If you go down, pull back.

    CP 3 - This point is all about the spam and deathmatch skills. As Demo did on O, the Demo on D can also send spam over the top of the house to stop them from congregating there. Sentry spots range from up in the window to down next to the point (my fav), or around the corner a bit (bit more passive). Choose which your team likes best and rotate it around if they try on multiple pushes to take it down. Be ready with an uber on the Pyro to really push them out and waste it. The Sentry is not here to get kills as much as its there as the bait to force their uber. If you've played it enough you can recognize this, so defend it as best you can. Remember to not wipe or they can run a play on you like we discussed above. Fall back when necessary and regroup. Fourth point is where you hold them!

    CP 4 - We'll go with another fully fleshed out setup as more of a visual. You can make changes based off this, but this will watch all areas and keep you as aggressive as you need to be, but not so aggressive that you over extend:
    Scout - Watch either the map room or flank/tire side and give incs. Feel free to run away and go down the spiral stairs. Just live and pester
    Sniper - Go for their Sniper, per normal and pick off anyone that pops their head out.
    Soldier - Watch map room or tire side. Coordinate with the Scout to see who goes where.
    Demo - Very very very important for the Demo to know how to play this point properly. Peak the corner above the ramp and call incoming!!! Spam all over and keep them constantly having to heal people up. Set traps where you need to, but mainly spam grenades to keep them back. If you get rushed, back down the ramp and setup a trap and det it on whoever isn't ubered.
    Medic - Keep your back to the wall on the ramp so you can watch the map room drop down area as well as top. You dont want to get picked here by a Spy. Your Demo/Scout/Spy should be giving you information enough that you should not get jumped by anyone. Pop uber on whomever you feel can utilize it the best (Hwguy/Pyro/Demo/Spy) and try and keep all three of them up. Kritz is also something that can be utilized. Just be smart with it and dont waste it on nothing!
    Hwguy - Chill at the top of the ramp, but dont peak. Let your Demo do this for you. If he is down and not there, then you can peak slightly but not full body. You are a bit too slow and might get your head picked off if you stay out fully spun up. So jump spin up the corner for surprises, but get back otherwise. If Medic pops uber, be there ready to mow down the enemy.
    Pyro - Stay alive on the ramp and Spy check around for your Engy as well if he's built down below. Nothing too complicated here.
    Spy - Stand out near/above CP 3 and give inc. Tell what the % is on which healing gun. Once they've pushed past you, thats when you go for your kills. Make sure they are fully dedicated to the push before you go. Dont play too aggressive though, patience.
    Eng - Two ideas here 1) Build up your lvl3 gun in various spots (near top right/left spawn, below map room, next to ramp down low, underneath the overhang) All can be supported and guarded. 2) Take the fight to the enemy and go mini sentry. This is generally only something an Engy should consider if he has strong Shotgun skills. If so he can take over tire side flank (big area and gun can watch it) with the help of the Scout/Soldier and keep anyone from even attempting that area. Once the cart is on the ramp or below, he can put it anywhere down below on the floor or ramp to stop them from easily pushing in. As long as the disp is lvl3 and a tele is in a smart spot, this can also act as a 10th man setup. This is very advanced and risky....but can be a lot of fun for the Engy.

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