• Heinsight Strategy - 5cp Basics

    This guide is the best option for each class in a good majority of situations. Be it pushing onto a point, holding a point, or falling back; you should have a firm grasp for the basic metagame of 5cp after reading this. Your mileage may vary on some of the things discussed, but overall it should help. Read just your class to figure out your role, or read everyone's and then get a more team aspect of what everyone else should be doing. Knowing what your team is doing can help you Spy check (mainly when you know someone is in a position they'd never be in otherwise.

    Key points:
    1) If a Medic is hit hard, jump him and sacrifice for it if he's low enough and its just after the call.
    2) Mark out their top players for Scout/Spy/Sniper to focus on. This is very easy and can alleviate some of the tension on Medic (since those are the only 3 classes he should be dying to if he plays smart).

    Class Roles Mid fight , CP 2, Last

    Scout - I'm a force-a-nature!
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    Sniper - Jarate is a delicacy and should always be used.
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    Soldier - If God had wanted you to live, He would not have created me!
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    Demo - Not one of ya's gonna survive this!
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    Medic - That was not medicine.
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    Hwguy - Knee Deep in the Dead
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    Pyro - Hudda hudda huh! Mmmm MMM!
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    Spy - I never really was on your side.
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    Engy - I love that little gun
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    Team Offense

    Mid fight - There are usually two ways to push in to the mid area. There is a main route, and then a flank route. As a team you generally want to choose the way that is the fastest to mid (usually called main). Send your Soldier/Scout off to the flank route to make sure the other team has some pressure there. Or Demoman/Scout if there are large areas for Demo to jump and get their quickly to cut off the Main door. Key targets on Mid fights for your team are Demoman/Hwguy/Medic. These three will be the backbone of any push. Past that focus fire is going to be your best friend. Scout/Soldier/Hwguy should all help each other out and help the Demoman. Demo has the highest DPS so any extra damage can either kill or push that person out of a fight completely. Instead of spreading tons of damage over 7 people and killing maybe 1, focus fire 2 or 3 and kill all 3 of them. Then hopefully you will turn the tide into a 9v6. If you're losing the battle (losing your main 3 damage dealers), it might be a solid time to just fall back to the choke and prepare for them to push. There's nothing wrong with this. It could allow you to avoid a full wipe. Better to lose Mid and hold the choke than to wipe at mid and also lose CP 2. if you win the fight, try to fully destroy them and push all the way to their CP 2 to cut them off from regrouping. That's the best possible thing you can do. Try and not over extend into the last area. More often than not it will not pan out for you because you spread yourself so thin.

    CP 2 & Last - We'll combine pushing CP 2 and Last together because generally you will use the same tactics to get through choke points. Lets assume right off the bat that you dont wipe them and they dont wipe you. We know what you're supposed to to in those situations because we went over it for the Mid fight. Same applies here! Pushing on to CP 2 is generally a giant pain. You need to coordinate a push that will get you past their stickies/sentry gun/Pyro airblasting you back/Uber being popped. Those are your biggest goals to stop. So give general roles to teammates. Anyone in the main combo (Hwguy/Demo/Soldier/Pyro) are always to check for Stickies before the Medic joins in through a choke. To handle the Sentry Gun it needs to be generally a different set (Spy/Sniper/Soldier/Demo are the best, with Demo being #1). Pyro airblasting can be a gigantic pain and will easily ruin a majority of your Ubers if he knows what he's doing and gets his buffs. So take his ability away and focus the Hwguy on him. Hwguy with 400-450 can easily tank this and take him out quickly. The only way around it is for the Enemy Medic to uber him. Now the last obstacle is to get them to pop their uber on YOUR terms. If you can control the situation and control when they pop their uber, you are going to be able to dictate how the battle can go. There are a few different ways to do this: 1) For long last points, Pop on Soldier, let him jump, flash to Demo and he jumps, then walk in with Pyro and Hwguy and Scout flanks from the other side with Sniper/Engy. 2) If its a short point, pop in with your Scout and let him run down the Medic and force the uber or kill him if he doesnt have it. 3) Walk in with the Pyro and airblast everyone else out of the way while your team puts out mass damage, then the Scout runs around and cleans up those that aren't watching. 4) Push in all at once when you get the all clear and Medic just flash around to those that need it. The end all be all. If done properly any of these could work. Practice them and rotate through them so the enemy is never clear on what you'll do next. There are many more of course, but these are just a few.

    Team Defense

    Mid fight - We went over basically all of the mid fight except the possible, and unfortunate event of your team not winning mid. Your Caller or someone needs to be able to recognize when a fight is going bad and back out. The worst possible outcome is to wipe at mid. If done properly by the offense; they will wipe your team, push forward, kill the stragglers that make their way to CP 2, and then be on the point as mid is capped, leave a few people, and then go ahead and push on last. Lightning rounds can and do happen in competition. And usually they will happen faster than in pubs because of the coordination. So, the best way to avoid this wipe is to make sure everyone is clear on where their limits are, where can they extend to that is safe and wont leave them cut off from the rest of the team. They also really need to understand that fighting in pairs is very powerful. 2v1's are something no one ever wants to face. That being said, do all you can to force the other team into situations they dont want to be in. So really if you lose your main damage guys, get out and hold the chokes. If you can hold the chokes for 15 seconds or more causing a stalemate, then you have a strong chance to repush (especially if you didnt pop uber).

    CP 2 & Last - Take what you learned at the Mid fight and set it into place at CP 2 as well. Know when you need to back out. Make sure that you have someone watching all the doors. If a flank goes down on your team, someone needs to be moved over to replace that set of eyes. With offense you always want to be in control of when your uber is popped, this same thing goes when you are defending any point. Position yourself as Medic into a spot where they must force into you. Never be the first if at all possible. Ubering your Pyro is a very strong counter. Especially if they are pushing in through a small choke. You can solo uber your Pyro and completely waste their uber. Thus allowing you the chance to chase them down and kill them all. Lets say you lose CP 2 and must fall back to the Last point. Here still you need to watch all doors. There is no backing out here. You watch all your doors, spread out enough that they cant group kill anyone and focus fire. Try and not over extend and feed their team easy kills. If you can kill 4 or 5 of their guys on their push, then you need to quickly push back into CP 2 before they can retake it. This is just about the only way to push out of last. Sometimes it takes fewer kills, but also with the fewer you kill, that means the more guys that will be there. If you push out of last, make sure the Spy is officially dead! Leave the Engy/Sentry/Hwguy back there or possibly Pyro to make sure there are no sneaky Scout/Spy back caps.

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