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    2 key points for all maps in HL: Call your death to Spy/Sniper! Do it so no one else is an easy target. These two classes are the ONLY class that is consistently killing our Medic. It is everyone's job to look out for these two classes. Second point is to BUILD UBER!!!

    Door names per Point (Try to keep names to one syllable if you want to name them. Here are some conventions I've used in the past.:
    A - Left and Right, tunnel, C (door)
    B - There are 2 ways its been done: 1)Long hall, short hall, tunnel, left/right C. 2) Or count clockwise 1-5 starting at long hall and ending at the Right door going to C. I tend to call them by the names (long, short, tunnel) and then switch to numbers for the doors to C (left one is 4, right one is 5). Makes it exactly clear which door you want.
    C - Counter clockwise counting for this one. Start 5 (left C to B), 4 (Right C to B). 3 (left C to A), 4 (far right C to A), 5 (lower entrance that leads to bottom of tower)

    Class Roles:
    Offense - You'll mainly be floating and flanking in this. Any area that has a Sentry gun up is probably an area you will want to wait to push in with the team on. Scout does the most damage up close and personal, so time your push in with the team. If they are pushing B, go in through C and try to get some flank kills once the gun is down, etc. Be crafty.
    Defense - Float and do damage from afar. If everyone is focusing on watching one area, go the other to pick strays. Take the long ways places so you arent seen. If someone calls out for Spy/Sniper, then hunt them down to your best ability. Scouting can be tough and frustrating. But you can do some incredible things. On D go through B tunnel to A and look for picks. Just try not to die...per normal.

    Offense - Push areas with your team and try to take out key targets. Not much strategy on this one. Use your head and put yourself in positions that will allow you to be the farthest away, but still get key picks. Engy is a good one if your team is pushing B, go in through Door #4 from C and clip his head off. Float with your Scout and have him cover you.
    Defense - Take shots wherever you can. On B take the long shots around the Rock. If someone calls incoming from any of the halls/tunnels/C entrances look that way. Razerback is very appropriate for this map and is a solid option if not Jarate or SMG. If you're on C standing low level of tower you can look in on door #1. Far left side of respawn you can watch 1-3, 5. Right side of respawn can see in 1, 2, 4, and 5. Use your best judgement where you think you can get the best shots in and harass the most.

    Offense - Equip Pain Train for 2x cap (unless you just HAVE to have equilizer). Try and stay overhealed with the Combo, but also take advantage of times when the Hwguy is down on their team to harass their Medic (bomb, random shots). Switch up from normal rockets to DH and see if you can pick the Medic off from afar. This can be tricky since they'll be used to slow rockets if you suddenly switch to DH. Build uber! Very important to do this as much as possible.
    Defense - Take the high ground at B roof as much as possible and float on C. Start off Defense by standing at short hall with your medic and wait a second after the door pops then start spamming rockets to catch a spy. Be mobile and never be afraid to leave a fight if you know you're losing. Eat away at their health and back out, get health and repush. Be an annoyance and get kills when you can. Diversion style Soldier works very well on this

    Offense - Equip the pain train for 2x cap. Its also good to be on roof and roam. Use best judgement. Damage output is very key, stick with your Med and just do what you can to keep him alive and play off Hwguy's damage as well.
    Defense - Start off Defense by piping A spawn and spam in there or putting sneaky pipes on the point under the light . Back out and run to B through tunnel and spam that door. Be wary of Spy in this transition. once You're in B choose an area to hold and keep the spam going. When you know they expect this setup.....change it up on them and go start at B. Set stickies at both so they call it out but wont know which one you're at. After the initial push, just make sure you are in safe positions to block areas. Pipe up doors at 4 and 5 B to stop pushes from up high, or 1/2/3 if you know which way they are coming from. Utilize your Spy to hear their direction and push that way.

    Offense - Overheal as many as possible. Blow proper ubers and coordinate with Spy on saps. The norm. Stay alive, watch your back, call the pushes and be firm. Your job is to lead the team. Dont drop an uber. Blow early. The only reason to drop an uber is by a sniper headshot or a backstab, which hopefully both can be avoided. Keep the person you're healing in between you and the enemy at all times.
    Defense - On Defense, listen to comms and rotate towards where they are pushing. You want to put as much distance in between them and the gun as possible. if its behind B on the burn spot, then you want to be there at the doors to stop them from pushing in and taking it down. Be mindful of Spies....especially in the house at B.

    Offense - Pocket the medic. Stay with medic and watch his back for spies and scouts. Have gru out at all times no one is around to help build uber. Depending on the point its good to listen for Sniper call out. Sniper and Spy are your biggest killers if not vs an uber. Dont stand around spinning up or you are bait. Jump around and spin up in the air. This is your best method to getting a jump on people.
    Defense - Same as Offense really. Nothing special to it. Be in areas that the other team will hopefully not expect. This can lead to great damage output. If you are dying quite a bit, then that means you are over extending. Find the balance between aggressive and over extending.

    Offense - Not a great deal Pyro can do alone on this map, so might as well stick with the combo. Be there for your Medic to knock away rollers and projectiles. If the other team pops uber, get ready to push forward and block it. Hopefully your Medic is understanding that a Pyro with a constant 260 heal is a juggernaut to stop even without uber. Utilize this and your team opens new doors of how to push areas.
    Defense - Equip the homewrecker so you can knock sappers off! This is pretty important if a Spy gets a backstab on the Eng. Airblasting ubers is key for the Pyro. Roaming and staying alive is very important on this map. Defending C is where Pyro shines. Stand up there and airblast anything that gets on top. This is both frustrating and can save time for the rest of the team to get up. Check for spies any time you are around the Engineer and his equipment as well as the Medic.

    Offense - Coordinate with the Medic on sapper/uber pushes so he can get the most out of it. Also coordinate with the Demo to get some remote sticky traps. Between A and C on the stairs. Another one would be between C and B on door #2
    Defense - C&D in areas that the team could possibly push through. Until they push in, you're most likely not able to get a pick anyways. So if you are defending B and you hold at A, you can be the eyes of the team. If they push in through 1/2/3, you can hear it and then rotate in. Always push to wherever their Medic is. A team cant push without him.

    Offense - Build teleporters and maintain them. There are a few good options for you. Build a tele/disp/gun on C tower and wrangle it to camp their spawn. This is very strong and hard to break. Scout will take their tele down to make sure this is viable. Otherwise build at long hall and harass them then move it out behind the rock just to cut them off and wrangle it towards #5. Fun stuff. Play around with it. Keep a good tele up to keep the team on the front lines. Mini Sentry is your friend on offense. Using lvl3 is incredibly risky and normally will lead to you and your gun dying as you attempt to move it around (unless its at the beginning of the round and you do the C push on tower)
    Defense - Get your tele entrance up at respawn and build lvl3 gun on the burn spot behind building. Its good to move it around as well. So keep it on that area. If they tear it down and get a presence on B but you still have metal, build up high near door 5 (right to C). Wrangler is pretty good here as well if you have good aim. Something fun to do is to build your gun and then shoot yourself to the roof to place the tele exit. If respawn tele goes down, build the entrance at the base of the building so at least some people can get up high easily. If you are attacked by a spy CALL IT OUT!!!

    Attacking and Defending as a team

    A - Not much to this one as a team. An easy smart push is just send Scout/Sniper/Soldier to get it and the rest push through C or straight through B to setup. You can be cheeky and send just the Scout to A and everyone else bombard B (focusing on Gun and killing Pyro so he cant waste your uber), pick off stragglers.

    B - A strong push is best with uber. First options are take out the gun, then Demo and Medic. Pop Uber on Demo or HW. Soldier jumps on roof as much as possible to rain down. Pick the SG if you can without blowing uber. This can be done from roof, behind rocks, or from C entrances. it depends where the gun is. Once this is done the demo should pipe #4 and sniper/soldier watch #5 with Soldier on roof. If the Engy decided to build a gun at C and its still up then life is good and you're holding great. Pyro/Scout/Hw/Med/Demo can sit at C if the gun is still up and keep that perimeter blocked. This is probably not going to happen but would be awesome.

    C - Same situation as with B. Go for gun, Medic, Demo, but also focus on killing the Pyro. His sole job is to airblast everyone off so kill him!! Don't push in one by one, make it a group effort. Pop uber and Soldier/Demoman need to jump to the top while the Hwguy/Pyro/Medic run up the spiral and/or block the enemy from pushing up top.

    A - Demo stickies at respawn or on the point. Scout can also roam with Spy and try to get some picks. Take out the hw as much as possible. He is pretty important to pushes and should be taken down as quickly as possible. This will force the Soldier to pocket, meaning he cant bomb.

    B - Engy knows what to do per his role. Med/hw can float behind the house or up high near C entrances. Both are pretty safe and give time to look around. Scout needs to float around C and A to try for flanks and give incs. Take the high ground if possible. It takes quite a while to cap so its fine to wait until half way to push in if you can put a considerable push then but not earlier. Dont trickle onto the point slowly. It needs to be all or nothing. Maybe a Scout can go jump on it to stall. But dont suicide in for 2 seconds if no one else is coming to help. Most of the roles are centered around D, so read your role and ask good questions.

    C - Gun on one of the ramps near respawn going to tower or a constant rebuilding of guns on top that will inevitably be killed. Better to rebuild up there and have them focus on that than possibly being able to ignore it back. But its situational. Moving it is great too. Sniper in his spots per his role. Pyro up top. HW/Med floating where a Sniper cant pick them off easily. Demo should pipe #3 and keep that spam happening. Spy can sit invis at the entrance from A and give incs if he isnt able to get good backstabs. This is just as important to call out if they have uber, what % its at and who all is with him. If everyone is waiting on a push there shouldnt be much chatter on Mumble.

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      5, 4, 3, 4, 5, got it
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      hah another way is to do counter clockwise 1-5 at B and then clockwise in C. So 1 and 2 are the same. It's how some do it. Just do what your team likes.