• Heinsight Strategy - Individual Roles

    We'll split out each class and define what it does on each map. You can go by this guide very loosely and then when its for an individual map, read a little more detail on what to focus on. Some things are pretty cut and dry, others need a little elaborating. This is also generalizing a bit, each individual person can do many things, these are just what should happen 99% of the time.

    Map modes:
    5cp = Five control points, you cap mid, then their second, then their last and its over. You can't cap a locked CP.
    AD = Attack Defend. You spend one part of the round Attacking, and then Defending. Stopwatch is used to see who can cap fastest.
    KOTH = King of the Hill. Try and hold the control point for 3 minutes.
    PL = Payload. You push a cart until the end where it explodes. Stopwatch mode enabled to see who can push it the farthest if neither cap.
    CTF = Capture the Flag. As the name says, the intent of this is to capture the flag. Be it pulling from their base, or taking a flag to a specific area.

    5cp & AD CP - Flank and annoy. Kill who you can, but bait them to our heavy hitters.
    Defense: Dont push too hard and die. Just potshot.
    Offense: Push in with the team and take out people focused on other people.

    KOTH - Stay alive and get behind them as much as possible. If they are watching for you, then just potshot them until you see an opening.

    CTF - Be ready to run flags. Dont die needlessly just for a kill. Try and stay up in case your Spy has a chance to sap and you pull it out while he fights Engy. If stuck in your base, just stay alive and ready to move out.

    PL- Be smart and stay alive
    Defense: Roam and flank. Take out teleporters. Harassment in general is important. This will put them away from the cart.
    Offense: Stick on the cart and try hard to keep it moving at all times. If we can keep 3x on it at all times it moves as fast as possible. If the team can get 3x on it without you and you can kill enough to make it worth it, by all means...but make sure someone is on it.

    All - Go for key targets as you can hit them. Listen for calls of Sniper/Spy/Medic so you can pick them off. Hwguy is also a key pick since it will stop most pushes or holds.

    All - Work out your plan with the Medic. Generally you will be a roamer that sticks close. Get overheals and jump their Medic if possible. You'll probably be in a zone defense type setup. Help spycheck around the Medic and always be ready to go! Dont push too aggressively unless you plan on sacrificing for a pick. Let the Medic know not to follow you in case you are the pocket at the time.

    All - You are the secondary pocket. Stay with your Medic at all times. You will have kritz popped on you for pushes, and also uber popped to get guns. If an uber is popped on the Hwguy, stay behind them and let them tank the damage. This should allow you to get the gun. If the HWguy keeps going, the Medic should switch the uber over to you so you can focus it down. Put smart traps up when necessary and spam spots as much as ammo allows.

    All - Call smart pushes, pull back when necessary. Regroup and get the ball rolling. Pocket the hwguy/demo and if necessary the Soldier. But always have one. if you dont, fall back. Pop ubers early if you have to. You should never drop an uber except to a Sniper that wasnt called out, or a Spy.

    All - Stay with Medic at all times. If he dies and you dont, meet him half way to spawn with GRU out (to help build uber early). Push when he calls the push. Dont be aggressive or push out without him. Its very easy to die as Hwguy in HL.

    All - Spy check. Airblast ubers back and be ready for them to come in if its called. Stay near the Medic unless you're needed on a CTF back in flagroom.

    All - Call the other team's uber % and other comms as to where they are if asked. Make pushes in with Scout to pull out a flag in CTF. Otherwise go for backstabs on key targets and be ready for a timed push on a sapped gun.

    5cp & KOTH - Get good teleporters up and a dispenser in a good place. SG type will differ depending on the place in the map you are. Generally lvl3 is only on last point defense. Otherwise mini sentries all over are amazing. Wrangle them and be quick about getting another one up. The guns also function as a flank deterrent for Spy/Scout. They will focus on you instead of killing people. Smart

    CP AD- Teleporters and dispensers are needed for both, the only difference is what gun to use.
    Defense: lvl3 generally, but sometimes a mini sentry can be just as hard to deal with and annoying.
    Offense: mini sentry in spots that wont allow flank.

    PL - Teleporters are almost as important as a good gun spot on O. On D its all about a solid gun spot and wrangle timing. Dont wrangle unless its being shot at (since you dont have better aim than AA) and needing that shield. Put up wrangle right before you die as well if its going to go down anyways, this will give it at least another 2 or 3 seconds that the team focuses on killing it.
    Defense: Have designated spots you know are strong and get back to them early enough to get setup. Listen to your team to know if you can build where you want or if you should go ahead and fall back.
    Offense: Try and stay with the cart as much as possible once you have a gun put up. This can be put slightly behind to stop a flank, or put slightly ahead so it will hold them off from an easy push back on you. Always keep a teleporter up and available. This can mean a win if it gets the team in place fast enough.

    Roaming and distances

    Some classes are said to be roaming, others I put a "close roam". Sometimes its ok for a class to play fully on its own and never come to the Medic (Engy/Sniper/Spy). There are the classes that float (Scout/Soldier) and the close floats (Demo/Pyro/Hwguy). The floating distances are all relative to the Medic. If you are playing a role where you need to be topped off and then go into a battle, then you are generally more of a floating than roaming. If you are considered to be a possible pocket for situations, then that is more close float. Demo will float, but needs to be alive when the Kritz is ready, Pyro the same, but needs to be alive and back to the Medic in order to waste their ubers. So those classes really need to learn when they can and cant roam or float far away.

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