• Heinsight Strategy - Payload Upward

    For the basics of how to play Payload, check out the Strategy guide for Payload basics

    Now that you have the basics under your belt, we'll apply all of that directly to pl_upward in a more descriptive way. So we will just focus on the team, and sometimes break it into more individual tips.


    CP 1 - First off you want to get eyes on each door. This will allow you to watch the Demo place stickies (watch for stickies in rocks that have messed up clipping). Try and keep comms quiet during this stage so the Medic can hear whatever is being said. Include ANYONE you see standing around. Most likely they will be hiding below the stairs with a few on each side of the track to watch flank. Gun varies in positions from the cliff, next to the house, and up on the hill. Call it when you see it and have your Soldier start off with Direct hit (most effective since it will be farther away). The key is to kill their Pyro first, then force their uber and waste it. If you can get enough damage out on the enemy that isn't ubered, they will most likely fall back. But make sure you aren't popping too early and wasting yours! Pair up the Direct Hit with a Spy sapping the gun and that's a big part of their defense down. Push and dont stop if you can manage it, move on to the second area before they can get setup.

    CP 2 - In a perfect world, you knocked out a great deal of them and were able to get to their spawn before they could setup.....done and done. But if they were able to fall back and get a gun setup, then you'll need to go in with an uber and get some picks. Sniper should be pot shotting and killing anyone he sees, no discriminiation here, just get kills. Spy should be going for flanks and really trying to pull their attention back. Soldier can as well if he is fast enough to get around the house (but he wont be able to make it if the gun is still up). If you go through the window, DON'T jump down if the gun is stil up. There's a great chance it'll push you out of the fight (or worse off the cliff). A good plan is to go down low with Demoman/Medic, and let the Hwguy stay in the window and shoot people as the Demoman kills the gun. Engy coming in after this push and putting the mini sentry up is an incredibly annoying thing.....do it! He can do this while pushing the cart with the Scout. Work as a team and this one can go down pretty quickly. But remember: Always kill the Pyro or he will ruin everything.

    CP 3 - Same scenario goes for 3 as it would for 2. If you can, take over their corner and force them to take mass damage before coming out. Remember to watch for the drop down that comes from upper spawn. if you cant get their in time, no sweat....well yes sweat. This is a tough point to push! The key components to taking this down is to kill their Pyro, take down the sentry gun, and force their Medic to pop his Uber without wiping out your team. Sound easy enough? It can be. The best ways to take down the Sentry gun is to do a pincer move on the Engy/Gun. Sniper down on wood platform section of the cart path can harass the Engy (possibly forcing a wrangled gun), then the Spy can come in from behind and get an easy kill. Boom. Simple teamwork. next step is to get that Pyro down. That's just good old fashioned Deathmatch, hope that he pushes in too far and Scout or someone can pick him off. Forcing the uber is something I always enjoyed to do with your Pyro or Scout. Pop an uber in on him quickly and then everyone backs out but the Pyro. Let him stay in and waste it (Medics please heal your Pyros and pocket them on this point). If they hold farther back, go through the left house and curve out, if they are close, just try to get as close as you can and pop. Soldier can possibly get a dive bomb in, but its pretty difficult with that gun up, so don't waste his life for nothing if its still up (this is another good Direct Hit area if its way back there).

    CP 4 - Priority on this is going to be getting the gun down. Easier said than done sometimes, of course, but here is a way that worked time and time again:
    Scout - Push cart, bonk in and push cart if you have to
    Sniper - Go for their Sniper
    Soldier - Once the Medic has popped uber in on the Demoman, rocket jump up on to the balcony near spawn (usually where Sentry is) and take out the Engy.
    Demo - Once the uber is on you, strafe out near those boxes and let the gun see you while you lob stickies up. Put stickies behind the gun as well to hopefully kill Engy.
    Medic - Pop uber and get out if it goes south. If it goes well, push to their spawn.
    Hwguy - Sprays down anyone that gets near and helps take down gun if necessary. Listen to your Medic for the call to get on the cart or push to their spawn with the rail jump.
    Pyro - Airblast people into the pit if possible, otherwise just put out damage.
    Spy - Get up to the gun platform and try to Sap. If thats not part of your team's plan, then go for Sniper/Medic
    Eng - Push cart with the team. A good place to come in from is down below and put a mini-sentry at the bottom of those stairs. By some miracle it will shoot across the pit as well and its an annoying spot!

    With this kind of setup you can have great success. If they are holding up in the top area, it can still work, just make sure your Pyro snakes up that way to try for kills once they are focused on the Demo taking gun. Seems a lot of teams ignore the cart path....utilize this if you notice it. Camp their spawn once you get the gun down and dont let them out. Soldier up top is usually enough. Hwguy/Med/Pyro watch lower and the rest push cart and shoot the doors to help block.


    CP 1 - Make sure you are watching all areas. I like to set Sniper/Soldier/Scout on the left side to watch flank and support each other. Pyro/Demo/Medic/Hwguy all stay in a group at the lower part of the stairs to keep from getting sniped (try your best not to peak at the top, this is a bad thing especially for Demo/Hwguy). Get your Spy on C&D and be your eyes. He can call out which door they are coming out of, if they are slow pushing or aggressively going. If aggressive, you can push up to meet them and waste their uber much farther from your Sentry (which is the goal); if slow push, you can put out damage and wait a little longer. You do NOT want to push out and pop yours and not force theirs. That can be very bad. When you realize that you've lost the area, back out! Hold the hill, Hold the cavern, whatever you do, don't stay in and die! If you can hold the first area for 45 seconds, you're doing well. Anything more and the other team is probably much weaker than you. Anything shorter and there is a chance that some of your team was a bit too aggressive and over extended.

    CP 2 - Similar to the first area. You need someone watching on the far left path way (Spy/Scout are good for this). The rest are really milling around. Sniper/Soldier are the eyes on the enemy. Rocket jumping up to the platform or window can be a great surprise to drop a Medic or force an early pop. Pyro needs to always be alive. Nothing aggressive out of him. He HAS to be alive when they pop so that he can waste theirs as much as possible. Keep a good eye on the respawn area, Spies will come in this way and distract or get the Engy from behind while the fighting is going on. Shoot everyone that moves. Also if you're coming out of the spawn, just shoot so your team knows its you. Quick spy check there. Back out when the gun goes down and more than two also go down (setup at CP 3).

    CP 3 - This point is all about deathmatch and making sure they can't get too close without you knowing. Get someone up in the little balcony that lead from the spawn (Soldier/Scout are good for this) to watch below. A good flow to leaving CP 2 is to go back up the stairs to respawn and hold that balcony!!! Don't give up this easy to hold high ground. It will stall them a good amount. Peak in on them, put out some damage, and get out of the door, then do it again and again. Until they start pushing up hard. Watch out for Soldiers Rocket jumping up at you. Demo spamming the pathway from low spawn will also stall them out. Those bold moves can be supported by the Sniper on the wood platform on the cart path saying if anyone is coming low. The key is to get your Engy to put a lvl3 Sentry up back near the corner leading to CP 4. That is your bread and butter spot. Its very easy to defend and the only easy way they will get to it is with coordination or a solid uber. If defended correctly, your Pyro will be right there to airblast them away from it, and then you push with your uber to stop them. Anything else you do is all about stalling. Make sure as well that you don't over extend too much. Let them come to you, but dont back too far up. Find that balance.

    CP 4 - What can be said about this one that wasnt already in the video? The best setup that I've found is to have Soldier/Hwguy/Medic up top overlooking the cart path (able to drop down or shoot through windows at any time) and watching the front and back stairs. Demo spamming the main way, with Sniper giving support with Jarate (delicious). Scout/Pyro can float down low and go up high as well. Keep mobile and you can surprise people. Engy builds up his lvl3 and prepares to defend it...like normal in whatever spot the team agrees on. I go over some of those spots in the video below. There's no backing out of this position folks, its the end of the line. So make sure you are watching all the spots and keep comms flowing so that nothing is a surprise. You can push out of last and try and force their uber. There are 2 ways to go. You can go from up high down the front stairs and flank in on them (they could possibly push in while you do this and you will waste yours) or right out the cart path (they could possibly back up and not pop theirs). It's a very bold move that could pay off, or could cost the match.

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