• Heinsight Strategy - Payload Basics

    Key points:
    1) If a Medic is hit hard, jump him and sacrifice for it if he's low enough and its just after the call.
    2) Mark out their top players for Scout/Spy/Sniper to focus on. This is very easy and can alleviate some of the tension on Medic (since those are the only 3 classes he should be dying to if he plays smart).

    Class Roles Offense and Defense
    Scout - I'm a force-a-nature!
    Offense - Stick on the cart and keep it moving the best you can. Sometimes you can get flanks out there, but its very hard with sentry guns. Use your best judgement. And if you see no one on cart, drop back and push.
    Defense - Put out damage and stay alive. Flank when you can but don't over extend.

    Sniper - Jarate is a delicacy and should always be used.
    Offense - Focus on the classes that are giving your team the most trouble. If the Demo is containing an area that you can't push through, try and get him down. Goes for all classes.
    Defense - Jarate the cart or the push as they come in. Focus the Demo/hwguy a good amount. It's much more difficult to get the Sentry down without these players. Body shots still do a good amount of damage, this damage can force them to not push in if the Medic needs them in the push. Make every shot count.

    Soldier - If God had wanted you to live, He would not have created me!
    Offense - Push forward with the Medic. If you arent with the Medic, know your boundaries and dont push past it. Be smart and stay alive. RJ back when you have enough health to do so. Don't just die because you are in a bad position.
    Defense - Set a perimeter of where you won't push past similar to O unless you have a Medic. Go for kills you can get, run away when needed. If you play your role as distraction Soldier, then make sure you're able to actually be that distraction for longer than 2 seconds, otherwise you're setting your team up for a lot of 8v9 situations. Put out as much damage as possible. This will allow some others on your team to finish up.

    Demo - Not one of ya's gonna survive this!
    Offense - Push ahead of the cart with the Medic/Hwguy/Pyro and hold their D back. Fall back when need be.
    Defense - Pipe the choke points. If your team pushes them back, pipe a choke that allows you to hold easily and let the cart roll back. Push ubers with your Medic when he calls it. Stay where you can live but still spam.

    Medic - That was not medicine.
    Offense - Dont die.....and uber. Your pockets are the Demoman/Pyro/Hwguy. They are most important. Heavy second. Over heal Scout/Sniper as much as possible.
    Defense - Blow ubers and don't die. Your pocket is Hwguy. Demoman is second. Keep both over healed if possible along with scout/sniper. Pyro doesn't necessarily need to stay with the combo on Defense, but he definitely needs to get back to them when the other team is going to push in order to waste. So keep your eye out for him and make the call to pull him over.

    Hwguy - Knee Deep in the Dead
    Offense - Stick with the Medic. If no one is on the cart, stand with it until someone else is. But mainly push forward.
    Defense - Stand back a little and watch the perimeter set by other classes. Push forward with your team, but not front line.

    Pyro - Hudda hudda huh! Mmmm MMM!
    Offense - Learn to airblast with Degreaser and quickly Flare/Shotgun. Spy checking is a must, but mainly get some good damage out. Push heavily with your combo and airblast away the rollers and rockets as best you can. Every little deflection helps the team out. When the Defense ubers onto you, stay there and waste it. Your life is well sacrificed if you can waste and your team push back in. A smart Medic will realize this and stay on you for that 260 buff as long as he can (safely) stay, then re-push.
    Defense - Same as offense. Play smart and don't put yourself against classes you will more than likely die to. Position yourself so you are a "close float". Meaning you are far enough away that you don't soak up heals, but close enough that if they push in you can be right there to waste it or push them off a cliff.

    Spy - I never really was on your side.
    Offense - Get back stabs. Call uber % and where they are. This will allow your Medic to make the proper push call and attack directly on them instead of have to focus in once they get in.
    Defense - Same as Offense. Position yourself outside of chokes that your team is holding so you can tell your team when they are pushing in, so they can make sure the Pyro is there preparing to push them out. Your goal is 15 back stabs.

    Engy - I love that little gun
    Offense - Build up solid teleporters that aren't taken down easily. Keep them pushed up as far as is safe. This can win a match for a team on the last phase. Minigun is a necessity. Build it where it isnt instantly going to die, be smart about that wasted metal
    Defense - Big gun is the key with wrangler. Don't wrangle it unless its being shot at. It has better aim than you....unless you have robot hands. Wrangle for the strength and then focus fire on who is shooting it. If you are attacked by a spy CALL IT OUT!!!

    CP 1 - Get as many kills as possible. Focus on the Sniper/Pyro/Hw first and let the rest fall back. The obvious kills are obvious. Do what you can and push them back. Once you have numbers, the killing classes need to push up to their spawn door and camp it (hw/demo/soldier/medic). The rest need to push the cart. Spy can push forward and try for a back stab if he wants. This first push is about dominance of the Defense as best as you can. If you do it right and push them out, you can possibly take over 2 and possibly even 3 before they can do anything. How you push this first point will dictate the rest of the offensive round for you.

    CP 2 - You really have to push forward once 1 is almost capped or else they will have time to setup. If they hold at 2, you'll just have to out frag them with solid picks. Once you get those picks, you need to really push in at the right time or it will all be wasted. Push as a team.

    CP 3/4 - All killing. While the cart is pushed forward at 3x, the heavy classes need to push up and take over and push them back past the corner/choke point into their last point. Focus on keeping the gun down Spy. The rest will fall into place if you're smart about it.


    CP 1 - Build up a lvl3 that can be wrangled from a distance and hold the cart still. Set the gun in places that are close enough that it can naturally hit the enemy, but far enough away that its difficult to damage or will force an uber to take it out. This will grant a wide zone and an easy fall back for Eng. Watch your back for spies. The rest of the team needs to make sure they have 2 or 3 in each zone of the area. There is always a flank area and a main area, then the cart path. Focus these 3 (or 2 if the area is narrow) and you should never be surprised by a flank or a push/jumper.

    CP 2 - Most PL are very similar for their second point. You normally have a large area at first that goes through a choke and then you are in the second area. Spam the chokes, and not just with stickies. If you are safely able to, put some direct attention. This means setup your Medic/Pyro there to just harass them back and say "Hey we're RIGHT HERE". Once they realize you are capable of pushing that aggressively (aka crazy), then it will make them hesitate. This is for the PL maps where there is no high place to hold (pl_upward/swiftwater). If you have an upper area to hold like on pl_badwater, make sure all doors are watched and play it more passive and make them come to you. Your mileage may vary on these. The biggest thing is to make sure you know when to fall back to 3. Its ok to back out. The point of defense is to waste their time, not hold a point and wipe....this leads to you losing the next point as well.

    CP 3/4 - Hold as far forward as possible and keep them popping ubers before they can get to the Sentry gun. That's the name of the game for pl. If you have to fall back, then by all means fall back. But don't drop that uber. Pop it and force them to pop or else you'll get pushed back further and further. A simple way to hold these points is to have your Spy in position to tell you when they are pushing, once they pop, make sure your Pyro is there with you and pop uber on him, completely waste their uber, then push out a little bit to output some damage (maybe drop the Med). Don't over extend or you can lose it all!

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