• Heinsight Strategy - KOTH_Lakeside

    For the basics of how to play KOTH, check out the Strategy guide for KOTH Basics

    Key things to look out for on Lakeside:
    1) Spy can do a lot of damage here. If you see someone out of position, shoot them.....or just shoot everyone not already doing a task. Pyro will be an essential spycheck here, no roaming this time. Also try your best to NEVER walk directly up behind the Medic....that's what Spies do.
    2) Scout can flank very easily. He can double jump from the point onto the sniper area. Watch what you're doing as you come out of spawn, because they are known to camp there...and you should camp there as well.
    3) DIVING!!! Its raining Soldier! Overheal and give comms to Soldier so he can kill their Medic before they get uber. If nothing else, he can bomb and injure before we have uber/kritz. Demoman is also pretty awesome at diving here, but it should be done more sparingly.
    4) Focus down that pesky Sniper! When facing Snipers that dont miss often, you really need to give communication for where they are. This will allow your Spy/Scout/Sniper to really focus them down. Incredibly important if you want your Medic to not get picked off.

    2 key points for all maps in HL: If you die to a spy/sniper, call where he is so no one else is an easy target.

    Class Roles:
    Scout - Flank and flank and flank. Pester the Sniper and give communication as to where their Medic is. This is incredibly important. With this valuable information our Soldier/Demoman can dive him before he gets uber. So frustrating! Cause that frustration for them. If you dont hold mid, then do what you can to take over the house side and push in that side when your team pushes in so you can hopefully get some picks.
    Focus: Sniper, Sniper, Comms, Sniper, Comms, Medic

    Sniper - Kill everything that you see. Not too complicated (per normal).
    Focus: Sniper, Medic, Hwguy

    Soldier - Wait for the communication as to where their Medic is. If its close enough, DIVE BOMB!!! This is super effective on this map and can destroy them. If your bombs are not successful, then do a closer float to your Medic and just shoot rockets at their feet to give damage output. Soldier and Demo both doing this can help Scout/Hwguy clean up kills.
    Focus: Medic, Spy checking, Scout, Sentries (so Scout can run wherever he wants)

    Demo - Get ready for Kritz and spam where necessary. Sticky out of respawn, go middle, then sticky up to the house. This is the fastest rollout and needs to happen every time or you lose house every time. Go directly through house, or go to mid and then swing house, either way its a very strong position to hold early on. Then you can rotate to wherever the fighting is. You can make dives when the Soldier does and make sure the Medic is down. Listen for Medic to call this out or else just stay with him. Sticky house area to block that way from them.
    Focus: Be ready for Kritz, Be ready to Dive their Medic, Spam

    Medic - Stand out of Sniper fire as much as possible. There really is no "safe" place to stand. Each team will attack differently, so find the spots that they ignore and rotate through areas so they never know exactly where to bomb in. Hiding behind house is good because a soldier HAS to jump from mid in order to get the distance to swing around. Hopefully by then someone calls it out. Another strong one is the complete opposite side and you can use the area under Sniper as a quick getaway to regroup and repush. Call strong pushes. If you run Kritz, make sure the Demoman is alive and reloaded before pushing, Heavy needs to go as well. Watch for Spies dropping down from the Sniper deck.
    Focus: Stay alive and pop ubers

    Hwguy - Stay with the Medic. Keep your eyes open to Spies and look back as much as you can. If you have mid, stay behind house or in house with Demo/Medic.
    Focus: Scout, Spy, Be ready for Pushes

    Pyro - Stay with Medic, airblast ubers, flare snipers with flare/detonator. Watch backwards while everyone else watches forward. Stop the Scout/Spy from getting easy picks while the Medic is focused on communication and pushes.
    Focus: Spycheck, airblast ubers and stickies, flare sniper

    Spy - Stand on their side as much as you can and give comms. Backstab Hwguy as much as you can, but mainly stand over there so your team ALWAYS know where their Medic is. This will allow you to coordinate a dive. So even if the Soldier dies, in that time you can possibly get a solid backstab or kill on someone else and run away.
    Focus: Comms first, Hwguy second, Medic third

    Engy - Build miniguns in smart spots that can stay alive. If we take mid, put it on mid with a dispenser in a designated spot (basically wherever everyone holds, behind house or near the palm tree). Also get a teleporter up as quickly as possible on your side of house. No more running. And we need comms when this is unsafe to take as well.
    Focus: Build and maintain
    Four group mentalities:
    1) Offense - Scout/Spy/Soldier - Focus on getting the CP and flanking for kills on high priority classes. If not killing, giving incs where the Combo or Sniper is.
    2) Combo/Cluster - Medic/Hwguy Demo/Pyro - Focus on holding the current point and making pushes to hold their team back. Demo/Pyro are usually floaters, but they should stick a little closer this time. Depending on how their team plays you can move them Pyro off a little more, but Demo probably needs to stick to Medic a lot.
    3) Defense - Sniper & Engy - Not defending the CP, but defending the team. Giving other groups the ability to focus on their tasks.

    Offense - Try your best to kill the Sniper and coordinate the kills on engy/gun. Don't push too hard if it means dying. You need to be an annoyance that forces them to focus on you and not the point. be vocal! Soldier is only going to push when he knows he can get a medic pick. So you need the Scout/Spy to speak up in a loud voice. If you dont hold the point, look for opportunities to get behind/beside them and do damage to pull their attention from point.

    Combo/Cluster - Its ok to not look directly at the CP on this map if you have it capped. If you have the mid keep safe and out of sniper line of site as much as possible. Otherwise blow ubers/kritz and push them back as much as possible. Rely on comms in order to know when to go block/push them back. Pyro is incredibly important here and needs to stay close. If you dont have mid, then just gather up your uber behind your house or below the point (on your side) and stay alive. This is also where Pyro needs to keep Spy checks going, just look backwards. The Hwguy/Medic will be looking forward and will give notice if Pyro needs to turn around. If you do hold the point, consider an aggressive hold on their side of house. This allows you to watch their tunnel entrance as well as mid. Setup shop and know when to pull out though!

    Defense - You're defending your team, not the control point per say. Make them focus on trying to get you down and not the CP. The more their team focuses on you, the more they arent focusing on what they need to be. Keep that gun in a good spot and alive.

    Quick synopsis of important things less generalized than above:

    1) Pro stay with the Combo to Spycheck, airblast ubers, and flare Sniper (if you see him). Also face backwards while the Medic/Hwguy watch forward.
    2) Call out Sniper so Scout/Sniper/Spy can go pester/take them out.
    3) Heavy watch for Scout/Spy in lull's in action
    4) Scout/Spy needs to stay on their side and flank around, call out Medic position and where the SG is so we can take them out. Pester and take their focus off mid. Spy can stay alive and just chill, just give us incs if you cant get any good picks.
    3) Soldier needs to stay alive until we know where their Medic is and go dive him. Scout can also listen for this call in case the Soldier doesnt kill the Medic, then he can go clean up.
    4) Demoman is to sticky the house on their side and keep them out of there. Once the Kritz is up its the Demoman's job to get reloaded and take the Kritz. If he's down then the Hwguy can take it, but Demoman is much more effective. Demoman can also do some good jumps on this map to get the Medic with the Soldier, but its not a must.
    5) Engy needs to get his teleporters up (behind the wall or in the cubby near our side of house is really good if we have mid) so we can get to mid asap. Good gun spots are also key just to stop the Scout from having free reign. Pick a spot that will be high traffic. On the point over near the 200 metal is good, also behind the point can be tricky to take down.

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