• Heinsight Strategy - KOTH_Viaduct_Pro

    For the basics of how to play KOTH, check out the Strategy guide for KOTH Basics

    This can be pretty complex and really depends on who is good on their team. Sniper and Spy are huge threats. We are getting different types of maps every week. I think it will really broaden our understanding of gameplay as a team while we learn to play as a team! Two hits at once folks.

    Area Names
    Cliff - Upper area of the rock face, ramp, platform.
    China - Sniper deck platform in between the catwalk and house
    Shelf - Area on the opposite side of cliff that is slightly raised from the middle area and leads up stairs to get to mid
    Main - The middle route to point (fastest from spawn)

    2 key points for all maps in HL: If you die to a spy/sniper, call where he is so no one else is an easy target.

    Class Roles:
    Scout - Call where scouts/spy/sniper are if possible. Key focus is going to be the Sniper. KOTH is pretty tough on Scout and we add on HL. Use your speed to harass and draw their focus. Stay away from Soldiers/Hwguys and Sentry Guns as much as possible. Use the flank route to watch for THEIR classes flanking behind you. But you have a good amount of weapon possibilities to your favor. Don't forget milk (throw it on the point while they cap and call a push in for everyone to get free health and possibly decimate them), bonk cola (run in front of the gun and allow your team to keep their uber to take it out, or use it to get around their main force to go get the Sniper and bait them back), crit-a-cola (use at key spots where you need to kill a few people a little faster), Sandman (risky for the lack of health, but might help kill hwguy) and Boston Basher (use it to help your Medic build uber faster without wasting your team's ammo). Focus on Sniper.

    Sniper - Take shots wherever you can. Sniper is pretty much the same picks on every map: medic/hw/eng/sniper. Just like with Payload maps, you are the key threat that the other team will be focused on. Keep moving and try to go from different places. Call out your big damage to your flank classes to clean up if they are close enough.

    Soldier - Float close to the medic and stay over healed. Build uber if no one else is around and you cant push forward to put out damage. Make jumps at the med to force uber when he calls for it. Don't fall too far away from medic for safety. Soldier can make the jumps up high to get the sniper if needed without too much stress. Utilize this if necessary. If you want to play away from the Medic, a good decision is to run the blackbox. In this scenario you arent going in a lot, just stand where you can put out damage and take the least amount in return. You can still jump on folks, but the main thing is to use the health regen from blackbox as your escape.

    Demo - Keep key zones piped. There are 4 main spots that could keep piped: CP, Cliff, stairs to the shelf, and the shelf itself to keep them locked out. Remember your routes out! Always know how to back out of your situations. One fun thing you could do is sticky jump and then caber the Sniper/Medic. Make a quick jump in and get out. Your 2 big jumps will be from respawn to the door, and shelf/main to mid. Get this jump as quick as you can and then start piping their stairs to shelf or main door. That's most team's rollout and will allow others to get there in time. Once the first rollout is over, just maintain zones that the rest of your team wont have to sit and watch. This is usually spamming the main door and letting others watch cliff and shelf.

    Medic - Stay alive, pop ubers on time. Watch out for Sniper and Spy. If you have mid already, there is no reason you have to stand on it the whole time. Drop back to the stairs near shelf and let your Hwguy control, or go in house and setup a perimeter. Kritzkrieg is pretty good for a surprise, but if it isn't working and you're dying too much.....switch. Best surprise tactic is when both Meds die at the same time, thats when you switch to kritz so you can get a kritz off before they have uber (Also building with scout/boston basher helps speed this along). Biggest thing I can convey on this map is communication!!! If you have kritz/uber, ask your Scout/Spy where their Medic is so you can go into him. Ubering Pyro is extremely powerful and should be done to push into an area, and waste their uber.

    Hwguy - Pocket the medic. Stay with Medic and watch his back for Spies and Scouts. Fists of Steel will probably be the best idea, but....GRU is always a great choice. Up to the Hwguy really. Stay in the stair area and keep an eye on the point so that Scout doesn't stand on it to build it's capping percentage.

    Pyro - Pyro is at a disadvantage since all his main openings are where everyone else can get at a distance. I propose the flare gun for this map and focus on the Sniper. You can get some crafty pics on the Sniper while he's focusing on someone else. Since your flare can arc slightly, you can get hits on him that he cant. Watch for Spies and Scouts attempting to flank. Airblasting their Ubers will make or break your team. Control your area.

    Spy - Get backstabs on Medic/Eng/Sniper...anyone really. But try to focus on the big problems of the team. If you are struggling to get kills, at least give good comms on uber timings of their team, gun placement, etc. A fun technique that's been used by some is to disguise as your own team's Medic to give them a false sense of hope. YMMV though. Focus mainly on Sniper.

    Engy - Build a gun in spots that cant be killed easily and have range. Build teleporters and maintain them. This is the most important job for Engy. Put the tele at the end of the shelf near steps where its hidden. Minigun wrangled is always fun for surprise spots when you're already holding mid, but its probably going to be more beneficial to have the gun as lvl3 wrangled up on the cliff or steps area. I've found it to be incredibly hard to get a kill on a lvl3 wrangled when its deep up on the cliff. The dispenser should be put on the ramp to the cliff, or behind one of the metal sheets on the catwalk. Somewhere its not too easy for demo just to lob his blinking cylinders of death onto.
    Four group mentalities:
    1) Offense - Scout/Spy/Soldier - focus on getting the CP and flanking for kills on high priority classes. If not killing, giving incs where the Cluster or Sniper is.
    2) Cluster- Medic & Hwguy - focus on holding the current point and making pushes to hold their team back. Can include Pyro as well during push time.
    3) Defense - Sniper & Engy - Not defending the CP, but defending the team. Giving other groups the ability to focus on their tasks.
    4) Floater - Pyro & Demo - focus on containing them and harassing. Make them as uneasy as possible

    Offense - Try your best to kill the Sniper and coordinate the kills on engy/gun. Don't push too hard if it means dying. You need to be an annoyance that forces them to focus on you and not the point.

    Cluster - Keep your eye on the CP from whatever place of safety you choose. If you have the mid keep safe and out of sniper line of site as much as possible. Otherwise blow ubers and push them back as much as possible. For a more aggressive hold, push to their shelf and rely on your team to call if they are pushing out main or cliff. This can be a very impossible hold for them to break if you can get in positions to force their ubers early. Know when to fall back if its not working out.

    Defense - You're defending your team, not the point. Make them focus on trying to get you down and not the CP. The more their team focuses on you, the more they arent focusing on what they need to be. Keep that gun in a good spot and alive.

    Floater - Harass and move. You jump from helping the cluster and Defense, to helping the Offense annoy and pester. This group will probably have the most ability to have fun. You can be bold....just do it smartly.

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