• Heinsight Strategy - The Push Basics

    1) The Caller
    Listen to your caller (usually the Medic) and do as he says. Have faith that he is making the right call and do as asked. The more a Medic makes calls and everyone follows as a team, the better the team will mold into one unit.

    A bad call is still better than a half-ass push with an advantage. If your team doesnt have a main caller, at the least have your flanks tell your team when its safe to push in on an advantage.

    2) Picks, Uber, and Spawn Advantage
    Getting a pick (kill), uber advantage (you have a higher uber % building than them), or spawn advantage (closer to where you need to attack or faster spawn time) will be a good contributor as to when you push. The math Sigma ran in an old article runs as a rough estimate of when good times are to push when you have the advantage. Killing demo will take out 2 (himself and his trap), and similarly I feel engineer can be 2 (himself and gun). Get a solid uber advantage and also a pick? Its time to push. But dont push with bad numbers. Make sure you have some heavies with you and a bombing Soldier. I think the Soldier bombing is one of THE most important parts of a match. Without this they wont be always on the lookout and intimidated. Spawn advantage happens when you cap a CP and you respawn moves forward. This means while they are pushing up, they have to come from their far back spawn or CP and you don't. There is also a little more advanced scenario of pushing off of damage. This takes coordination and quick movement. It puts a great deal of pressure on a team if your team gets a great deal of damage out on their team and yours took very little. This can be an incredibly solid time to push. The biggest part is knowing when to do it and when not to.....it takes time.

    3) Momentum - Position, Health, and Ammo
    Once you've got a solid position with an advantage, take advantage of that advantage...advantage. Peaking around and taking off health from the enemy means that it will take that much longer before they are comfortable pushing. Every little bit can help. Remember there are only a few things in the game that can heal (health packs, dispensers, medic, Sandvich, Milk, Black box, etc.) so the more damage put out, the more pressure it puts on the Medic to heal everyone. Others have to back out and go find health in order to stay alive. Its a solid delay tactic to just potshot as well.

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