View Full Version : Metawe - Medic - Iron/Steel

October 17th, 2012, 09:13 PM
Name: Metawe
Location: Vancouver (West Coast)
Age: 18
Preferred Class: Medic


I've played almost 1500 hours and about 300 of medic (reset stats about a year ago). I only have tf2 lobby experience and some community vs community matches.

I'm available after 6PM PST during weekdays and anytime during weekends. On Wednesdays I'm available most of the day, but it varies.

Add me if interested. Also, I'd really like a team that scrims relatively often, as that always helps a lot.

(Yeah I've played soldier more but I don't feel as confident in my abilities for it.) If a sub is really needed I wouldn't mind subbing for Soldier too.