View Full Version : HL Season 10 - Regular Season Match 4

June 30th, 2013, 10:43 PM
This week's batch of maps are "stopwatch" maps. Stopwatch maps are played in 2 (or sometimes 3) separate Match-rounds where each team attacks once in each Match-round. Each Match-round awards one (1) match-point to the team with the shortest offensive time. The Home team has choice whether to attack first or defend first in the first match-round only, alternate thereafter.
Match-round 1:

Team A attacks and Team B defends,
Team B attacks and Team A defends

Match-round 2:
Teams manually switch sides.**

Team B attacks and Team A defends,
Team A attacks and Team B defends.

Match-round 3 (if needed as a tiebreaker):
Teams manually switch sides again.**

Team A attacks and Team B defends,
Team B attacks and Team A defends.

Scoring: When adding scores, each Match-round won by a team counts as 1 point. The first team to win two Match-rounds wins the entire match.
Overtime: If each team wins a Match-round (scores are tied at 1-1), the third full Match-round is played as a tiebreaker, with teams alternating sides one more time.
**If the config is not manually re-executed, it will automatically switch teams to the correct side at the start of the round, which is why you need to manually switch sides before the start of the next Match-round..

Possible match scores are 2-0 or 2-1.

** Note about cp_gorge. This is the Attack/Defend 2-point version not cp_5gorge.

Server Operators:

Authenticate to your server with rcon_password ( rcon_password p455w0rd )
Execute ugc_HL_stopwatch.cfg from the command line ( rcon exec ugc_HL_stopwatch.cfg )
Reload the map. This is necessary for Source TV to start recording ( rcon changelevel cp_gorge ).
Match Over: exec ugc_off.cfg, to stop STV recording, to end the log file and to reset your server to it's normal default server CFG at map change with normal server Settings.

Note to Leaders:

Post the match scores if you are the winner.
Post the results as soon after the match as possible.