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June 10th, 2013, 05:43 PM
my name is Timo aka Fire and im the leader of "Not a Team"
Atm we are a team out of 4 guys.
What we are searching for :


If you are searchin for one of these classes just post here. pls dont forget to link your SteamID, tell us what class you wanna play and if its gonna be main or sub.
We prefere subs which are able to play 2+ classes but there is no need to.
At all you can post your attemp here and we will add you so you can show us how well you are doin your work ^^
we recommend to have at least 500h gameplay in TF2, having this time is no reason for instadd, not having it is no reason for no chance. we are goin to look at everyone to see how well he plays.
The recommendation is just to make all those guys with few hours not frustrated when we decline them.

But your skill is not the only thing we want you to have.
You should also be reliable...
Last season has shown us that you cant win with a pro team if only 6 of them are connected to the game.
If you can not play you should tell us, we are goin to make a list a few days before the game starts with everyone whos gonna play so we can be organized, if you are on this list and dont show up without a good reason we have to kick you.

So yea, this is pretty much everything i wanted you to know about our Team. At all we give everyone a chance to apply for being a member and we will choose together. We are not that highlevel premdiv guys declining everyone whos dies one time in a pub, we are just normal tf2 gamers and want to go a little bit more in the competitive gaming ^^
If you have questions ask Fire (http://steamcommunity.com/id/FireSpeedArmy/) or RancidFever (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071764364).
[And yesh dis is a double post, 1 time here and 1 time in eu generally]