View Full Version : Nova! : Scout/Medic/Demo/Sniper : Steel LFT

May 18th, 2013, 01:48 AM
I am looking for a team in Steel for the Summer UGC season.

A few things to note:

Steam name is always changing, but he can always be recognized with "Nova!" as his name prefix
East Coast
Has 3 seasons of UGC highlander Steel under his belt, including playing fully in Seasons 6 (Ambiguous, playing any role that was open) and 8 (Scout), as well as a few matches as Pyro in Season 7 and a few matches as Demoman in Season 9 (before dropping out due to gaining interest in another game in both cases, funnily enough they were the same game)
Is known to be EXTREMELY over-competitive, enigmatic, and insensitive at times, especially in the competitive scene, so don't take what he says with a grain of salt (while some of it may be true, it is mostly out of anger) and always remember that if he doesn't do something you tell him to that he isn't outright refusing, he either can't do it quick enough or is too consumed with doing something such as killing the last few people
Has yet to play on a team that has actually practiced at all
Would REALLY like a team that practices at least once every week or two
Will play in a Lobby occasionally (once every day on average)
Loves the maps PL_badwater and koth_viaduct_pro
Uses Mumble and would like a team that uses it as well, as it's the only program that doesn't screw up the sound
Would, if possible, like to play on a team with his friend Ehmanana (topic link coming soon!)
Steam profile can be found here (http://steamcommunity.com/id/nerdkillaz)

Lots of stuff to read, but the gist of it is I'm looking for a Steel team, I can play Sniper, Scout, Medic, or Demo, I'm constantly lone-wolfing but I can work with the team any time, and I would like a team that practices, has experience and would possibly like to play on a team with my friend as well.

So just add me if you wanna talk!