View Full Version : [Steel] Relax Is Currently LF Roamer

May 16th, 2013, 09:36 PM
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Relax is currently looking for a new 6's roamer. Our current one is trying out constantly as a silver scout, so it's time to find someone who will stick with us. Most of us have silver experience but ran into alot of roster and computer issues. We ended up not finishing the season so hopefully we find someone that is willing to stick it out. There are a few requirements tho.:

1. Have to be able to actually jump (kinda important for a roamer, don't ya think?)
2. ATLEAST 500 hrs in TF2 and 100+ hrs as a solly
3. Atleast 1 year of 6's experience under your belt (We're done showing newer players how to play, it gets old after a while)
4. Must be familiar with roles
5. Must be able to speak and be heard clearly through the mic. (We use mumble in case you wonder)
6. Flexible schedule with evening scrimming availability. We usually hold scrims from about 7:30-9:30 most of the time. Only on weekdays as well.

We are all 18+ and like to have fun. When it comes to scrims tho. we try to buckle down and get the job done. Most of the time on weekends if there's a number of us on, we chill in mumble and drink, play a couple games, and just enjoy ourselves. As long as you act mature and perform well, you're more than welcome to tryout for us. Either respond on here or just add me directly. Thanks guys

May 25th, 2013, 11:24 PM
I'm interested in playing Roamer for your team. That's if you still need one.