View Full Version : Pyro Found Team.

May 5th, 2013, 10:48 PM
Hello everyone Cook E SMASH here. I would like to join a team and while i have no UGC experience I do have experience in lobbies and am looking into joining some mixes soon. I am available mostly 8-11PM EST Mon-Thurs 7PM-1AM Friday and most of the days during Saturday and Sunday. I am willing to learn and would prefer to be a main rather than a sub. I will put the time needed to improve and listen to the team. I try my best to call out anything i see and communicate with my team, block ubers, defend my lovely engineer, airblast things, and make a spy's job much harder. I cannot guarantee I will be the best but I will try really hard to become one of the best. I am 17 if that is something that may concern you. I hope you consider me when trying to recruit and feel free to contact me on steam if you have any questions. As always have a nice day.


EDIT: Found a team thanks for your time.