View Full Version : Pyro-New to UGC-looking for Steel Team

King Moose
May 5th, 2013, 04:10 PM
Hi! I'm new to UGC, but I have lobbied quite often and have been registered for two teams. Unfortunately, these teams both failed before they could start a season.

1) Pretty good at reflecting
2) Good at containing ubers
3) Good at getting behind opponents without being noticed.
4) Good at talking, reporting anything important
5) Good at surprising Medics to force a pop

1) Tend to roam a bit
2) Sometimes follow one enemy too aggressively
3) No competitive experience.
4) Busy during week, but free on weekends. You should probably have a good sub if necessary.
5) Sometimes forget to spycheck. Just need a reminder.

Can provide P-Rec demos if necessary.