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August 14th, 2017, 07:59 PM
Thank you to everyone that played last season of UGC 6v6. After every season we try to release a survey on Google Forms to see how we can improve as a league. These results greatly impact the direction that we take our UGC 6v6 League and so I implore you to please take the time to fill out this survey (I promise it's not too long). We have tried many things based on these survey results, some still in effect, and some not. Everything is a work in progress and we want your input as we learn and grow.

Some examples of things you impacted last season:

1. Global Whitelist

Three seasons ago UGC came into agreement with the other major TF2 leagues on the Global Whitelist. Two seasons ago our season started before the Global Whitelist could be revised. Based on feedback from the community (and some insight from Wiethoofd) we managed to match the Global Whitelist changes exactly, except we kept the Pomson banned. Prior to last season the head admins of all the leagues made sure to meet and discuss the Global Whitelist before any league needed to start (we were represented by UGC Admin Mallory). Due to the feedback you all gave in our survey, we were validated in our decision to keep the Pomson banned and were able to advocate this change for you to the Global Whitelist. Last season it was indeed banned. Any adjustments voted on by majority of our players will once again be brought up to the next Global Whitelist Committee Meeting.

2. Playoffs

Due to an overwhelming amount of feedback this past season we extended our playoffs by a week for all divisions and did a Top 8 Double-Elimination Bracket. We also incorporated the "Pickban" process for the Best of 3 finals. This was not something that we were intent on doing prior to the survey but agreed to give it a try because it is what the results showed. My post-season retrospective of this change is that it did not quite work out as effectively as I think we had all hoped, so expect to see it changed for next season. The important part is that we tried it, so now we know! I will continue to look for feedback as we try to find the right season length balance for the players and the league.

I am obligated to end with a disclaimer: please be respectful of your fellow players and do not attempt to alter or fix survey results.

tl;dr Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/X6ADyAA5QosFbFSm1