View Full Version : Happy 15 Years of UGC Gaming League

August 12th, 2017, 12:33 PM
That's right folks, it's been 15 years since UGC was started in the summer of 2002!

I am so proud of all the volunteer admins who have contributed to UGC over those 15 years, they are a remarkable testament to the strength of online communities and the generosity of our players, admins and team owners. Our admins contribute countless hours of volunteer time and efforts, they deserve your gratitude.

Our strength as A League is our teams, the players who run them and the people who play here. It is very gratifying to note that the vast majority of folks playing here uphold good community standards and good sportsmanship in gaming. I thank each and every one of you for playing here! Over the 15 years we have had 120,000 individual players stop by, play some games, win some seasons, and most of all, have some Fun!

UGC was setup in 2002 as a 'Free To Play' league, run by people who played the games and organized the teams. We are intentionally NOT a commercial operation and we are entirely self supporting. We provide the League for you to have that free option, and a fair place to play with the friends and competitors like you. Our league depends on you for it's promotion, and for you to spread the word about our league. We have only good things to say about other leagues, we wish them well, maybe they will get rich on player fees! We have never asked our players to trash other leagues for our self promotion, and it is a sad thing to see some players in other leagues think it is necessary to use that tactic. Stand strong and do the right thing, that is a personal belief and good words to live by!

What will the NEXT 15 years bring?
Wow how the world of gaming has grown since i started competing in 1996, the future is going to be even more amazing for players.
New games? Yes bring them on! And Valve, let's go, give us something new :)
I am ready, are you?

Thanks for being a part of UGC, and congratulations for playing good, strong, fun competitions.

Owner UGC