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March 18th, 2013, 10:38 PM
I did this at work because I had nothing better to do. All predictions are based off the current season matches and results as well as any past seasons if any. Additional predictions were made by my personal match/scrim experience with some teams.

I am not sure how the UGC decides tiebreakers for records so some of these teams may not have a chance to qualify for the playoffs. If anyone does know how this works, can you let me know?

Match of the Week (Each Division)


7PM vs TG – TG has already qualified for the playoffs but 7PM is fighting for a spot. This is the must-win match for 7PM and they have history as being good on Snakewater. This may be the closest match of the week for the Platinum Division. I predict TG to win 5-3.


u$ vs OTHM – Both teams have already qualified for the playoffs so this match is for the division title and bragging rights. This match is a coin flip as both teams are solid. I predict u$ to win 5-2.


|FMo vs 2d – Sporting a 27 Point Differential, 2d is the dominant team in this division. Both teams have already qualified for the playoffs so this match is for the division title. Having scrimmed 2d several times, I know what they are capable of but I am going to go out on a limb and predict an upset this week. |FMo wins the final round 5-4.


Party. vs .DE – After looking over records and having played with members of both teams, I see this as the most evenly paired match this week. Both teams have defeated the same teams in the Blue Division. Both teams are in a must-win situation if they want to qualify for the playoffs and that should provide a better match experience. Lose and you are out. I am going with .DE for the win 5-2.

The following predictions are only for the teams with possible playoff implications.


PLATINUM (3 teams have qualified for the playoffs. The final 7 teams are fighting for the remaining 5 playoff spots.)

4heads vs |sb – Both teams are in the playoffs already and 4heads has won the division title. I predict 4heads to end the season 8-0 with a victory.

Vet vs CRR – If Vet is running a lineup similar to what they had in past seasons, they seem to have a little trouble on Snakewater. I know CRR is a good team and this will be hard fought. CRR wins.

YEE vs (!) – YEE had 2 tough losses this season to the top teams in this division and could easily be 6-1 right now. I think they are better than a 4-3 record and will take it to Factorial Gaming. YEE wins.

RGFL vs octo – Both teams are in the playoff hunt despite forfeit wins and losses this season. I am going with octo in this matchup.


SILVER (4 teams have qualified for the playoffs. The final 12 teams are fighting for the remaining 4 spots.)

.sL vs xur – xur has been solid all season, even in the matches they have lost, while .sL has a strange record this season. Xur wins.

MM vs PM5| -- Both teams are really strong and unfortunately both are on the bubble as far as the playoffs. These 2 teams are among the best in the division and find themselves in a must-win situation. I wish both could advance to the playoffs but only the winner can qualify. I pick MM to win this match.

ZRTF vs eBp – ZRTF is sporting a 3 game losing streak while eBp almost beat the top team in the division 2 weeks ago losing 4-5 on warmfront to u$. I will go with the hot team, eBp wins.

W^2 vs P? – WompWomp has been playing strong and will take the pizza boys down in this match.

??? vs #gDo – These teams may have the same record but gDo has only lost to the top teams in the division. The same cannot be said for Butterfly. gDo will win comfortably.

bEnt vs 90lg – At 4-1, 90lg has a shot to make the playoffs with a victory. However, all their wins have been against lower competition teams. bEnt will derail the playoff hopes of 90lg.

bigdickplays vs c?? – I don’t think either squad can make the playoffs mathematically. That said, neither team really deserves it with the amount of forfeit wins they have. I’ll pick the bigdick to win.


STEEL – RED (2 teams have qualified for the playoffs. The final 11 teams are fighting for the remaining 6 spots.)

~ vs Super Retro – Lets see, Snakes on Grass playing Snakewater. Snakes can swim very well, so this shouldn't be a problem. Snakes win.

eV. vs WNx – Both teams have the same record but eV has defeated the better teams. eV wins.

|Next Plan vs ?L. – I just can’t see Next Plan losing this match. They are a solid team and have been all season.

CMFLX vs TSH – Another match with teams sporting the same records but having played vastly different competition. TSH wins comfortably.

0w vs RoT// -- Good luck 0w, I can’t wait for our match. Win or lose, it’s always N1MZI’s fault.

H2K vs ? – Get Artistic cannot make the playoffs but they have a chance to play spoiler for H2K if they can pull out a victory. I think this will be a close match with H2K winning.


STEEL – BLUE (1 Team has qualified for the playoffs. The final 12 teams are fighting for the remaining 7 spots.)

ProBC vs D* -- ProBC has played and beat top 10 teams all season long. D* has not beaten a top 10 team all season but has 6 wins and could make the Playoffs. Anus gets exposed this week by ProBC.

LNT vs sign– In my opinion, LNT is the team to beat in this division. They show why in this match with a solid victory.

5.5 vs sync – 5 and a half is a very solid team and is the sleeper in this division. It would not surprise me if they won the whole thing. Plan ahead if you get them in the playoff rounds. 5.5 wins.

SixPack vs ace – Sixpack's losses have been to the top teams in this division. ace has the same amount of wins while playing not a single team in the top 10. Sixpack wins.

No Fun Allowed 6’s vs BLo – no fun should have a lot of good times in this match. BLo has 3 forfeit wins and should get knocked out of playoff contention right here.

Ween vs IM – Ween is the most unfortunate story in this division. They cannot make the playoffs even if they win. If you look at ween’s matches this season, they have had the toughest schedule against the best teams in the division all season long. The losses are very close games and I believe this is a playoff team that will miss out. IM is sitting at 5-0 with a chance to qualify for the playoffs with a win here. Naturally IM has not played anything even close to the competition level ween had to play this season. All that said, ween will drown IM’s playoff hopes with a dominant victory.

March 21st, 2013, 02:25 PM
Looks like I didn't do that bad, except in the Silver Division. A few predictions were WAY off but I guess that is to be expected.

16 Correct
11 Incorrect

SILVER - 3-5
Steel Red - 4-3
Steel Blue - 4-3

March 21st, 2013, 07:58 PM
sweet post

March 23rd, 2013, 02:15 PM
err, where do you get that that there are only 8 playoff slots?

March 25th, 2013, 10:14 AM
err, where do you get that that there are only 8 playoff slots?

At the time of my post, I assumed that it was the top 8 teams from each division because that is how it was done in previous seasons. I didn't have any other information go off so I made my predictions based off that limited information.

The admins did not let anyone know they were going to do a bracket format and that they were going to include so many teams in the playoffs. Perhaps the admins did not know what format to use until the final week.