View Full Version : Highlander Grand Finals and Bronze matches to be played on UGC servers.

November 30th, 2016, 09:00 PM

We are mandating all teams participating in the Highlander Grand Finals and Bronze (3rd place) matches to play on UGC servers. No exceptions.

The reasons we are requiring teams to play on UGC servers are so matches are held on neutral grounds and so admins may have immediate access to STV demos and raw logs after the conclusion of the match, and the ability to spectate matches live without waiting on teams to deliver server credentials.

All UGC servers are hosted via GameServers and come equipped with SizzlingStats, Logs.TF (with advanced stats and Medic stats), Demos.TF and Improved Pause Command.

You may claim a UGC server for your Grand Finals or Bronze match here: https://www.gameservers.com/ugcleague/

The Home Team may make a server claim first. However, if they don't want to then the Visiting Team may claim. We expect teams to be good sports and share the server connect information in a timely manner to their opponents after making a server claim.

You are required to paste the connect information of the server your are claiming in Match Comms so admins have a means of tracking your match.

Failure to play your Grand Finals or Bronze match on a UGC server will result in your match being thrown out and being knocked out of Playoffs.

- Kumori
UGC Head Admin