View Full Version : 6v6 Week 8 Schedule

|Bonesaw|A Kitten
July 21st, 2016, 09:31 PM
For anyone wondering the reason why both us and Mamamoo are missing a match is because we have been asked to reschedule our match and thus neither of us know how it will turn out until it happens.

crab > bote
We pwn, they don't, we win, my boy Epic Gamer Clan sp33dY will pwn.

CHEEP > .fw
Unless fw has their best players play, I believe CHEEP will prevail

Mamamoo > THUMBS
Should be an easy enough win for the ESEA-slayer squad that is Mamamoo against Abridge's team. Abridge is probably just going to ge tout DM'd.

Woosh > dan.
Jaaay to nutt really hard.

I'm probably wrong since I have literally no idea how the bottom 3 teams will work since they've played each other and the rest of the bottom 5. It will likely result in either severe mismatches or a rematch if the admins have a heart.