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|Bonesaw|A Kitten
July 2nd, 2016, 05:32 PM
Feel free to post your predictions for any division here!

Gold Predictions (guessing the schedule)

crab = THUMBS
glhf, I predict that I will win but they're apparently good so who knows.

Wooosh < Mamamoo
Mamamoo has multiple high-IM/Invite players and I doubt that they will lose.

cheep > baddies
Cheep is another team with a lot of pretty established 6s players and, even though they're not really trying, they should be able to pull out a win here.

bote > .fw
bote is full of strong players and they should be able to bring at least 1/2 their brain from HL to 6s and thus get a win.

KICKFLIP is able to not get rolled.

zz > inRsT
I predict Zimbabwe will get another ffw.

BbTs > BYE
Easy win

July 3rd, 2016, 12:08 AM
Sorry Bonesaw, I had to juggle previous match history + byes + previous forfeits so the actual schedule is up now, and it's a bit different from yours near the bottom (starting at bote).

|Bonesaw|A Kitten
July 5th, 2016, 02:32 AM
Updated Preds (Starting from bote)

bote is a stronger team than Kickflip who has been struggling against even the lower rated teams. bote has plenty of knowledge and experience on their roster in both HL and 6s. They should be able to win pretty easily here.

.fw > zz
Zimbabwe has only won when the other team has forfeited, .fw has actually won matches. It might be close but I think the actual practice from matches might lend .fw the upper hand here.

dan > inRsT
inRsT has been on a forfeiting streak, will they break it this week? Either way, I think dan should win here even though these teams are both very even in terms of how they should both probably have played more matches than they have (and not had forfeits).

BbTs > BYE
A hard fought and (not really) deserved bye week for BbTs, best of luck.

July 6th, 2016, 05:31 AM