View Full Version : New Week 1 Dates and Division Changes for Summer Season 2016

May 16th, 2016, 07:31 PM
NEW Week 1 Dates

Highlander Week 1 - Monday May 30th
6v6 League Week 1 - Wednesday June 1st
4v4 League Week 1 - Friday June 3rd

We are changing when the Summer season starts to allow more teams time to finish setting up. The change in start date also allows us to be consistent with what is has been in past Summer seasons. We are also using the change in start date to give us more time in balancing divisions and to allow teams to prepare for the changes we are outlining below.

Division Consolidation

This season we have recognized there's a low number of teams across the board throughout our divisions, across all 3 league formats. Changes in division structure are needed to ensure a healthy future for our league.

For Highlander, the following changes are taking place:
In North America we are dissolving the Gold division and merging most of the teams into Platinum. The lower-end of Gold will be merged into Silver.

Please bear in mind that the changes in the structure of our divisions are not meant to be permanent. Should our numbers return, or should after teams reestablish themselves and another division is found necessary, then we can look into bringing back the divisions that were removed.

May 17th, 2016, 12:55 PM
Update for AUS Highlander, by request

We will try to save AUS plat, if we can - its going to depend on team numbers. We are better than a day ago, with 8 teams ready now, but only 6 are solid - if we can get two more we can maybe save that overseass div. We will do our best.