View Full Version : LFT: Low Silver Engineer (backup)

February 28th, 2013, 10:11 PM
I joined a team, so am no longer available for tryouts. Best of luck in your search.

Hi there,

My name is desert and I play engie :)

I have been playing tf2 for over a year now, over 2k hours overall, and are looking to join a silver team. I have played UGC steel for 2 complete seasons (built, lead, and called my first season as heavy) and am on a steel team now that has not been doing well. I'm not having any fun there, so I'm looking to step up my game to play with people who like competitive play and enjoy working together.


Let me know if you are interested in giving me a shot.
I can also all class sub, but I would much rather play on a team as an engie back up because it will be my first season in silver.

Times available:
I live on the west coast and am currently going to college 5 days a week so I am never available before 5pm mon-thurs.
I am free monday's game time, thursday and friday evenings and all weekend.