View Full Version : Recording of POV demos is required.

April 1st, 2016, 09:20 AM
Every player should be recording a POV demo of their match.
Your POV demo is your proof that you are not a cheat
Conversely, if you did not record and your POV is missing after a match, it will make your play suspect.

Please record POV demos, this is particularly important in finals matches.

You can expect team wide collection of POV in finals matches.
The Team Owner is responsible for making sure his team records, and that each player he includes in lineup will provide a copy of that POV.

April 1st, 2016, 10:12 AM
The punishment for not recording demos should be more than a week, imo. If I were a cheater, I'd rather take the one week ban and not provide POVs than risk everything and provide them. It's just an easy way to cop out from whatever you had coming if you were cheating, and the excuse for not recording anything is a joke. Literally typing "record scrim1" in console is all you need. People do it in CSGO all the time, and I used to do it before P-REC. The only exception for this recently was Match-Making where you were forced to take out P-REC if you wanted to even play it (and I don't blame anyone at all for forgetting to record things), but everyone should definitely know by now.

April 1st, 2016, 05:43 PM
I agree with Xenith that there should be a more harsh punishment for failing to submit demos upon request.

However, more importantly - with the statement that "recording of POV demos is required", how do you expect to enforce that? For example, ETF2L demands people to submit their demos at random as a way of making sure people record their demos. Failure to submit demos at random shouldn't require harsh suspension (People receive warnings before a suspension punishment in ETF2L), but in the case of failure to submit a demo upon an investigation into cheating, punishments should be closer to ones given out to confirmed cheaters to discourage people from withholding their POV demos.

April 2nd, 2016, 09:26 PM
I think it would be worth adding

say "All players are required to record POV demos"

to the config because it's really easy to forget to put prec in when you take it out for MM

April 2nd, 2016, 09:58 PM
That wouldn't work too well because when configs are exec'd chat is FILLED with rcon commands
And even after that, the map is restarted. So if you aren't in the server when the config is originally exec'd you won't see it.

You would have to put it in a plugin that would be able to detect the start of the first round and then drop a message in chat.

Something like

public Action EventRoundStart(Handle event, const char[] name, bool dontBroadcast)
PrintToChatAll("All players are required to record POV demos";
return Plugin_Continue;

May 4th, 2016, 08:59 AM
Please be aware that all players need to record POV demos in every match. These demos should be kept for an entire active season, as they are your best protection against false accusations.
In this previous season we increased our efforts at random spot check collection of POV demos, and began collecting POV demos from all participants in finals matches. Next season this will continue as we strive to keep our matches clean.
Team Owners should redouble their efforts to make sure they field clean players. When you are recruiting, collect POV demos from your prospects, and make other best efforts to protect your team and the other players on your team roster. Team Owners are also responsible for ensuring that their players record demos in every match.

As a community we share a responsibility to play fair and clean matches, and damn near 99% of the players and teams here live up to that responsibility. As a League, we give our thanks to those Players and Team Owners for making this a fun and fair place to play TF2.

Kumori Fix: Demos must be saved for an entire active season.

May 4th, 2016, 10:03 AM
These demos should be kept for a minimum of two weeks after each match, however players may wish to keep POVs longer, as they are your best protection against false accusations

I think you're quoting the old rules. As of the past few seasons demos have been required to be kept until the season is closed. Which makes sense, in my opinion. This way any match during an open season can be revisited if a cheater has been uncovered over the course of the season.

"6.2.1 *All demos must be saved for the entire active season and must be provided to an Admin within 24 hours of a request. Failure to provide requested demos will result in player suspension and possibly rounds being overturned."

Also, I agree that one week is a bit generous for a failure to submit demos. I wish teams would be held accountable, but, barring that, I think a two week suspension would work better (provided it's overturned if a player turns in the POV late).