View Full Version : Mr. Waffles - Spy - High Iron / Steel

Mr. RoflWaffles
February 13th, 2013, 08:11 PM
Greetings and salutations-

I am an unhappy Spy, who will quit his crappy team upon your response. Last game was the breaking point for me, seeing as we were rolled completely. So now I quit. I'm looking for a Steel team, although high-level Iron would suit me just fine too. I want a dedicated team that wants to go all the way, and have fun doing it. I have played spy for 170 hours, with 1125 total. I own a Mic. I am available from 4:30 PM to 11:00 PM , eastern standard. If you are enticed by my offer, add me on steam. I would love to hear from you.


February 13th, 2013, 08:22 PM
I played backup behind Waffles, and there was a reason for it. He is flat out one of the bests spies I have played with in a long time. He has a great sense of humor, but also knows then to get the job done for the team. I learned a lot from him, and I'm sure others will too.

February 13th, 2013, 08:33 PM
Same with jeff i played on a team with him he is hilarious and super nice, and a great spy! he's on alot and I totally reccomend him.