View Full Version : LFT STARTER PYRO OR ENGI [Steel]

February 13th, 2013, 07:03 PM
Hello Guys,

Hi, I'm BeorgeGush.
I'm a sophomore in high school and I take things very seriously although I like to have fun.
I have played pyro for more than 300 hours but have reset my stats a couple of times, and played TF2 for more than 900 Hours.
I was previously on an Iron Team and the team was very bad. People didn't listen, didn't behave, and did not show up. So I left the team and now I'm looking for a Team. I have played in lobbies, pubs and mge to improve my skills. I am usually available after 3:30 pacific time when I get home from school. I have a microphone so don't worry about that. I look forward to playing for you guys and giving my best support to your team.

Sincerely Nick

Thanks for Everything!