View Full Version : Ringing/sub Pyro HL Iron division

February 9th, 2013, 07:36 PM
Hello, i'm Mord. I am currently on a 6s team as a pocket soldier. I'd also like to play pyro for an HL team.
Iv'e had experience on an iron team last season as a pyro for Rawr Face.

Mord's Pyro set up: Degreaser, Shotgun, axtinguisher/postal pummeler (versatile with homewrecker)

Mord's pyro style: I'm a passive style pyro that likes to stick with the combo or engineer depending gamestyle and varying whether were attacking/defending. I have quite the sense for spies and i have a good aim for my shotgun and I can keep a decent amount of rockets away from the medic.

Pros: I have a very flexible schedule
I don't have a high temper
I have a mic, and i also use mumble
I extinguish my teammates

Cons: I may have a lot of background noise at times.
I hesitate to rush in at times
I don't use the flare gun, I'm stuck to using the shotgun
My internet connection is bad at times.

I reside on the eastern side of the United States of America and can play a lot out of the week, I am also open to scrim at most times.

Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mordiscool/