View Full Version : ice - pyro/spy/medic - new/iron

February 8th, 2013, 06:26 AM
edit: currently starting pyro for chocolate covered bacon cake season 9

Name: ice / aisu / isildur4
Location (approximate): ohio
Age (approximate): 21
Classes Preferred: pyro or spy preferred, can medic.
Classes im worst at: sniper, scout and heavy.

my schedule finally normalized enough for having a match every monday to become feasible, so i figured id finally give hl a try.

have about 2600 hours in tf2 (playtimes as classes and stats ive reset multiple times and i think some of them got glitched, like max points as demo only being 53 despite scoring over 100 multiple times).
have played against people of nearly all skill levels, from hatless bads to multiple comp 6s players(i think mid to low, but i didnt ask).

from what i can tell, the hl pyro seems to usually stick with either the combo or the engy, instead of roaming. seeing as this is what i usually try to do in pubs, the transition should be pretty minimal.