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Atilla the Bum
January 31st, 2013, 10:58 PM
Atilla the Bum - Sniper - Gold/Plat

Hey all, my name is Kristian AKA Atilla the Bum, and this season I'm looking for a team to play sniper for. My normal plat team, RANCH, is on hiatus since we didn't like the map list this season, but I'm still looking to play. So far I've played 2 full seasons as RANCH's sniper and another half of one before that as a back-up. I also play a decent number of pick-up games inside the gaming community I frequent. As for my actual TF2 skill I like to think I'm among the best snipers in the league. A lot of our (admittedly, very disorganized) play in RANCH focused on me getting a few picks before the rest of our team would move in and clean-up. I can keep up with and better most of the snipers I've met in my UGC play. I can be a very hot/cold streak sniper, but I can generally make the plays when they count. I can also play soldier decently, but it is very much as a back-up.

Anyways, as for some information about me, I'm 21, and live in Southern California. I work/go to school on Mon.-Thurs., but I should be able to make any UGC games at the default time on Mondays. I'm available for scrims and practices on Sat, Sun, and weekdays after 7:00 pm PST. I can do a little adjustment to my schedule if needed.



February 1st, 2013, 07:29 PM
Amazing sniper, last season on gran he headshot DMS's medic in a half second between fumbled pauses. Sylon still won't give me the STV.

This guy will make big plays, and is a solid addition to any team. :)