View Full Version : DC64 LFT HL Medic / Backup Medic S17

August 8th, 2015, 11:01 AM
Hello I'm DC64. I main Medic.

As a Medic, I am a continuous healer. I do my job by keeping people alive and getting all of the assists. I am a vocal caller. I am comfortable making calls for where the combo pushes or letting another strong team member make the calls when desired. Mumble is a key tool that I love when it comes to communication, I enjoy a good pregame talk. I use the standard loadout: crossbow, medigun, and ubersaw. I call out uber percentages at every significant number or when no calls are being made.

I will be attending classes in September, so I will find out how my availability is once September starts. If I know I am available, I would like to be a primary member, but I am also willing to be a backup Medic when needed.

Here are some stats:

I have a healing rate of about 880 points per minute, and will always use a charge within the first 30 seconds after a full charge.
I have over 950 hours on TF2 and around 60 hours on Medic.
Currently on TF2 Center, I have around 150 lobbies played, with 40 lobbies as Medic.

I'd like to play some scrim games to get a feel for how the team moves and plays.

Add me here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DC64